Please, Look at this before you ask a question.

1- Pictures. 99% of the time A few pictures of your entire build will help, including electronics. We do not care about empty pizza boxes and nasty wiring. Seriously if you do not get any further…show some pictures.

2- Link it. If you are using something you did not buy from here, link it. We don’t care where you choose top spend your money. We only care about getting you going as smoothly as possible. Saying “I bought the recommend part” 100% does not help.

3- Software. This leaves software. Run my crown Gcode. Did it work perfectly with a pen? Yes=continue…No=send pictures and links. The crown should be perfect if not it is pointless to move on. If that is good details of all the software you are using (too many times we get ten questions in and find out I am talking Estlcam and they are using something else). Screen shots help, dropbox or drive links to your files and gcode help.

Hi Ryan Why not use End Stop switch? I will be building my MPCNC as some I get the parts and I had plan to install End Stop switches. However you much have a good raison not to use them? Also Thanks for all the information you are putting on here, it really help us new comers to the world of MPCNC.

I have a blurb about that in the FAQ’s.

The basics, I promise it is much easier to learn things without them. With them you will need to account for work offsets and/or precise positioning of your work pieces, and if you are not using dual they might not home squarely enough to help with multiple process jobs.

OK Thanks, I will not use them. My work table is ready, my tubing are all cut and ready, will be picking up my MPCNC Parts in Calais ME this coming Friday. Also order one of those 3.5 watts Laser Cutter and Engraver from Banggood, have anyone try cutting Foam with it?

I used my laser to cut my foam stamp in the How to page. For the price of them it is a must have in my book…Lasers!

Hello, excuse my English, I’m using a translator.

First of all, thank you for sharing this impressive CNC that serves everything! Thank you!!

I have a small problem, it’s the time to print 3D, I’m used to using a Witbox printer and it gives me the option of loading or unloading the filament. Here I do not have this option, as it could be solved.

Thank you very much.

Hello, to download the filament I have to change the position of the extruder cables …

There is no way to work from the LCD?

Control / filament / (charge) or (download)

Thank you.