Pipe Racking Table for MPCNC

I ordered a table made from this material this week for my 25.4 inch MPCNC with a 4x4 foot working area. (5x5 foot frame)

I will submit adapters for the 28.5 inch tubing to one inch tubing in the racking once it arrives and I can put the calipers on it and get a good measurement of the ID of the racking.

It is locally manufactured here in the Philippines for export. Used in Japanese car assembly lines and electronic factory assembly lines.

here is the adapter file for using the ABS coated pipe racking

Pipe racking table is here, measured the ID of the ABS coated pipe, it is 23mm, ID of the stainless tubing is 22.7, So i guess a quick printed male to male adapter will work better.

Making the adapter with a bolt down the center to reinforce it.

Any pics? Sounds neat.

At work there is a table assembly area where the maintenance people for the assembly lines design and build tables similar to that cart. They are pretty dang sturdy for how lightweight they are. I’ve been building a lot of desks/work benches out of 2x4s and mdf, but I think the next one will be out of ETM conduit and 3d printed parts similar to the table Vicious designed.

Would love to see pics as you work with this and find what works good and what could be improved.

I just got my dirty little hands on a tig welder…New table for me as well!

The 3d printed adapter for the coated pipe to stainless was a dud. I gotta have something turned on the lathe.

Bit behind schedule to finish mine as I got a 1.5x2.5 meter monster router way behind schedule to finish.

Ill try to grab a couple pics tomorrow

Here are pics. Had to get the big open builds machine out of the shop to make room