Pipe and Gantry Rails question

I’m finally ready for assembly having sat idle for a while. I have printed parts current to just prior to release of the 525 Z assembly. I want to create a machine with a 24" square work area. I’m using the calculators and they confirm 6 35" cuts for frame and gantry. I’m primarioly interested in laser cutting initially so I figure I’ll leave the Z length at the recommended default. Given the version changes are the calculators/measurements any different? Should the gantry cuts be .5" shorter perhaps?

P.S. I received my display today. It says Post Office but I’m pretty sure it came hyperloop. Thanks.

I want the hyper loop to happen so bad!

The new dimensions will work for all machines. I would cut them that way in case you decide to upgrade to the newer parts later. If you want it the old way the center bars are 1/2" shorter and I think the Z was 2" shorter as well.