Parallel stepper motors

Sorry but i’m confused how 2.5 amp driver (DRV8825) drive 2 Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 2A
And i have another question i have nema 17 stepper motor with (BLK, GRN , RED , BLU) how can i parallel them to Y axis?
Do i have to connect the BLK of motor 1 to BLK of motor 2 and GRN of motor 1 to GRN of motor 2 and the same with RED and Blu

You can try to follow the connection scheme with the colors of wires in the attached image.
That should help with the wiring.

As for the stepper amps.
It breaks down to your steppers are 2Amps at like 3Volts, we run them at 12volts so the amps is lower.
2ampsx3Volts=6watts the more important number is watts.

.5 amps x 2steppers = 1 amp needed from the driver.

Hope that makes sense, I hope I am correct with all this it seems to work out when I set the drivers so I assume I am doing something right.

Clear as mud?

Of course your amps and volts will be different. That was just an example.

Black of motor 1 to Black of motor 2
Green of motor 1 to Green of motor 2
Red of motor 1 to Blue of motor 2
Blue of motor 1 to Red of motor 2

Just an attempt to make it 100% clear, as my motors are the exact same colours!