OSB as table top

Hi everyone, I was curious what everyone’s opinion was on using 1/2 OSB as a tabletop for a full sheet LR3 I plan on using MDF or particle board as the spoilboard

I like it, as long as you give it plenty of support.

What do you think of 2x4x10s as the sides of the table? I’m undecided between them and 2x6x10s. I know the 2x6s would be better, but are they truly necessary?

At 10 feet, I’m a hard yes. I used 6 of them under the table top. Difference is something like $3 per. So, for $20 you get to make sure you can support whatever you can lift up on top of it. My table was in the neighborhood of $250, I think, so $20 more or less wasn’t going to break the deal. Add on the cost of a lowrider, and you’re talking a $1000 project. But hey, 20 bucks is 20 bucks, I get it. My wife still has to remind me from time to time not to be so cheap (I’m making progress, you see?).

If you’re ONLY ever going to slap some sheet up there and run a lowrider on it, I think it’s pretty safe to say the 2x6 is overkill. BUT I’ve never seen a table that didn’t get things tossed on it.

Mine is holding about $200 of cherry, some mini bike parts, a couple 3D printers, all my extra printer/cnc parts, a couple boxes of nuts and bolts, and all the wood for a cutting board I’m in the middle of. That’s just how I roll.

Bonus, Jeff reminded me that the bigger boards generally come from the centers of taller straighter trees, so they tend to have fewer knots and crazy grain, making them straighter and nicer to work with.

I used osb for my half sheet table.

When I had room for a full size machine, I used 3/4 plywood.


Why is there a board that has stuff cut in the middle? You do know that wood costs money? Big oof, as the youth would say. :smiley:

which one, the one on the left, or the one on the right? :rofl:

leaning on the left.

Oh, yea, that was going to be a table I think. Router went off course, so I threw it over there. The rest of the sheet was still good. Think I eventually threw it away. :rofl: