Original Z axis Nut Trap File

I noticed that my Z axis would not hold its position. Discovered that the nut trap piece cracked at one of the bolts so it could not be tightened. Could someone point me to the file for this part so I can have a new one printed.

This is for the original design, not the new design.


I think there have been 3 versions of the nut trap, can you upload a picture, what size conduit, and outer nut size.

It is the 23.5 version (3/4 EMT). I got the parts through here just after the new corner blocks were released.

It is for the Z travel with the 3/8 threaded rod.

Better middle z, think that puts you at version 3.


5/16" threaded rod? What size is the nut 11mm or 13mm? I am looking through my files and this is what I see in there it was a long time ago, many revisions. These should be the right ones.


locks.zip (69 KB)

Thanks Ryan. Those worked.


Now start printing the new parts, I think you will be impressed with the difference.

I would really like to but my only access to a 3D printer is at work. Not sure how much they would appreciate me tying it up for printing parts all day. As this was a small part I could get it in without any issue.

It is a Fusion 3 with a big work area so maybe I could print multiple parts at a time. Hmmm?

Well slap a print head on your mpcnc and go for it!

Try to do some overnight prints, that way you don’t interfere with the daily operations?