Original stl files?

Are the original stl files still available anywhere? My Z motor mount broke and I’d like to reprint but that hard drive and file is long gone. I’m sure the new one is better but I’d just like to fix it quick.

There has been a few. You need to put up a picture and the size of your conduit.

23.5mm I believe. Here is a pic of what’s left.

I think this is it.

z-motor-mount-10mm-longer.zip (745 KB)

That looks like it. I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Yep, That was it. Question, to switch to the new version, do I have to remake the whole center section? And is it complicated to switch from the rod to a leadscrew?

To switch the entire center has to be made at once. All the parts are matched. And the new rollers really are a pretty solid upgrade as well. If you are switching to the new stuff switching to the T8 it will be no big deal, t8, nut, new firmware.