Options for klipper control at RMRRF & OS?

Wifi at these events is not reliable, and at times saturated. What are some good options to control the printer wired?

We even had issues with AP mode with so many other devices trying to do the same thing.

I have a 7" rpi touch screen (klipper screen) on an rpi that is ethernet wired for my system. I have a spare rpi 2 and a 3.5" touch screen (for klipper screen) I could bring… it would just need a usb to the controller and USBC power and a config file. If you have a 4 port hub, you could have a laptop connected to it if needed, but if the demo print files are preloaded, you just use the touch screen and need nothing else.


Klipper screen

Preload any gcode you want to print and then just control everything from the touch screen

HDMI5 or 7 would be the easiest option I think


Bring your own router have pi and phone hit that…


Hard wire from router to pi and to laptop or something else.

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I deleted, I am sooo Sorry., I thought you were cnc’ing, not printing. Asl Jonathan said, Klipper screen. It can run via usb.

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Heffe tried that last time…didn’t work. Barry had a phone that was the only thing that would rarely connect when it was inches away, and that is all we got. We had a lot of hardware there but nothing would connect. OS was different I was able to get in pretty easily if I rebooted and stayed close but RMRRF is more printers than you can imagine 90% running wifi of some sort all in a brick and metal building.

Please do, a backup is nice. I would love to have something to test on my end before it goes in a box but looks like this is a good option.

What sort of config file?

Well for the jackpot I figure I can use CNC.js or UGS if I have to.

Seriously considering a tin foil hat for all the devices so I can shield them long enough to start a file.

I thought that was wifi?

I would love to, what software do I run, USB or Ethernet?

7" touch screen Pi with Klipper, preloaded with patterns and files.

If need to upload/update then could bring a network switch/router and ethernet connect laptop to Pi via switch.


Klipper screen with an HDMI5 or 7 screen is not wifi at all. Its usbc and HDMI to the Pi.

What model pi are you using? Does it have an ethernet jack on it? All of mine do, 3B and 4B. You can run an ethernet cabel from the pi to your router, and another from the router to the laptop. I dont believe you can hook it straight to the laptop but there are others here much more knowledgeable than I am.

My vote would be run Klipper screen as the easiest. Just use Kiauh to install klipperscreen. Better if you can test it there before shipping. But idk if you can get one fast enough. Should be able to amazon a screen pretty quick. Every once in a while there are a few minor issues but their github has everything you need to sort it quickly, but in that building you will have issues getting to github LOL.



Edit: @vicious1 Just realized I didn’t answer the software question. You’ll just hit the ip address for the printer in chrome. So you’ll have to log into the router and see what IP it gives the pi on the printer, then just type that ip address in chrome and it will pull up mainsail, or whatever one you are using.

can you run that screen without the pi on it? Seems that would be easier then trying to set up everything from his pi to a different one for the show. If you can run that screen with just USBC and HDMI from his current Pi that would be the easiest

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If you wwnt to modify file onsite and don’t have a cheap router/switch. Then…

Wonder if USB SD card reader can be plugged into Pi, and if Klipper will detect and display files. If so, could you “sneaker net” files via SD card from laptop to Pi?

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This is what I do. I was able to print the fan mount on my klipper printer without having a phone or laptop. I have the 7" screen.

I haven’t tested it in this use case, but I have a travel router I use when I go places. It has the ability to run a local network and ‘if’ it has internet access via some WAN method, will provide internet to anything connected. One of the options for WAN is to use the USB with my cell phone.

I use this one:



Klipper screen is the shit. I still do 80% of the stuff at home from my computer, but when adjusting z off set or just finished a print and moving right to the next one I don’t have to walk back and forth. Its damn sure worth it. I have one on all 4 of my klipper printers

so yeah, I guess I did not think before typing, (again, ugh). Do you have a pi already in your printer? If so, Klipper screen can be done with it. You connect the screen to the pi and it works :slight_smile:

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Over USB or Ethernet, directly from the laptop to the Pi? These seems like the right kind of easy.

Then I just need USB and HDMI from the pi to the screen and a 3D printed case?


I will check out that vid now, thanks!

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ethernet. I don’t think it will work USB that way

Correct. This will be the easiest way to run it at the show without all the extra router and ethernet cables. Plus I think you will like having the screen on it

klipper screen will also show right on the screen the speed its printing at right that second, mm^3 that its at and all kinds of other info. Nice little add on for people looking at it at RMRRF

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Don’t look at it too close so you don’t get jealous at the blazing speed, but this is what he’s talking about.

This is an HDMI5 attached by USB to my PI running KlipperScreen


Man you trying to kill that poor ender 3 at 2.5mm^3?!?!?! LMAO

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she’s got a bad hip, but not quite time to put her down yet

Every time I build a new printer I think " I will drop these old ones on Craigslist and build a new fleet" . Then I realize how much better and faster new ones are and I feel bad wanting to sell the old slow ones. So then I end up taking them apart to reuse the steppers and extruders.

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