Open Hardware Manufacturing Podcast Mentions

Open Hardware Manufacturing Podcast<!-- --> - Hosted by Stephen Hawes, Lucian Chapar Episode #5, we get mentioned a few times. Looks like we have made some good impressions with the forums and the docs pages! Thanks everyone.


They really made us sound smart. I appreciate where we are now.

We don’t have a separation between development and the users that need the most attention. They both use the forums. I get the feeling they do development in discord, and github PRs, which hides a lot of the trouble from users that might otherwise be intimidated.

They mention it on the side. But the best thing we do is try to make the docs for the mainline or main trail use case. Forcing that to be the main trunk for information helps keep the scope down, and makes the information easier to stay correct.

If someone was trying to start this from scratch, I would tell them to draw a line in their head. On one side of the line, the information only exists in the forum. That is preferred, because that side of the line is alive, and the docs are mostly static. Once things get set in stone, they can traverse to the docs side.

Mkdocs really does make a nice, free package though. It is worth the minor gripes (like not having good image sizing and zoom in built in).


I wonder if this would work as well if I had behind closed doors discussions about most of this instead of freely speaking of nearly everything publicly? Our users are the developers :laughing:

Your little push to try that was the best thing that happened to us. I barely have any gripes about the whole system, If I spent some time I bet they make plugins to solve anything I wanted to change.

I wish we just did it right from the get go…but it has always been an evolution. Fun for me to hear the thought process of a slightly different perspective.

That podcast is very interesting for me. All the episodes so far.


The docs and forums are top notch. The dedication to helping others in this forum is really impressive. Even though I don’t have a V1 project in the works or near future, I always check the forum daily. A lot of smart, sympathetic people here who know what’s it’s like to be a beginner.


I wonder if the sharing of knowledge as you develop actually helps down the line with support too. Clearly those with some knowledge are actively involved in the discussion, and while much of it is way over my head, it’s building a bigger picture all the time, so that I’m getting to the point where when I ask a question I can actually understand some of the answer!

Thanks to everyone for your infinite patience.


Oh, I would love to have someone here to bounce ideas off of using my hands to describe things…I am much less elegant with words. But this is working out very well and I would not change it now!


If you need a semi private “think tank”, I’m sure a bunch of us would gladly jump in.

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Have you tried eurythmie? Dance away the alphabet and your sorrows, only looking like a dork doing so? This is for you then.

Rule one of Think Club: You don’t talk about Think Club…

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Sounds like we need a zoom meeting room or something like that. I’m sure discord has something as well. Idk anything about discord though lol. Something with camera so you can articulate with your hands

I’ve been dreaming of a hangout- not to develop, but to hang out, have a beer, and complain about the weather :sweat_smile:


Discord can do that easily. Time zones are a beach (intentionally spelled wrong) though. :sweat_smile:


My kendo club does the board meetings on Discord, it does have video chat in the voice channels, so yeah. There is that.


I am pretty sure that is enabled on the discord, if not let me or Barry know and we can adjust it.

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I had an idea to set up a vote to find the most (or least troubling) timing. Perhaps we should try it out?


Looks like I am scheduled to chat with the fellas from OHM next week! Should be fun.


The chat was fun, Their excitement and passion is infections. Looks like it should be available on Thursday the 9th. I will post a direct link when it is, for now here is the link to the platforms it is available on.


Today is the day…

If you ever wanted to start a side hustle, or make it your main hustle. Listen to these guys. This episode is about my journey, but wow, I wish they were around when I got started.


Building and testing a new Linux file server today… hopefully if the IT emergencies stop… got it saved hopefully get through it soon!

I’m only 20 min in and this is amazing!!!