Only moves in Marlin mode

Not sure if this is a problem, but I am at the point where I am testing my motors and end-stops. The steppers only move while in Marlin mode. While in the touch screen mode I can hear the ping when I press the button to move the axis or to home but nothing happens, the touch screen works correctly. The motors seem to work great while in Marlin mode it auto homes and the axis move smoothly. Weird thing is before I hooked up the end-stops it was working in Touch screen mode and Marlin mode. Did I do something wrong? Like is it set to always open in touch screen mode and always closed in Marlin mode?

There are three cables that connect the TTF display to the SKR Pro board. The two fatter ones support Marlin mode, and the thinner one supports touch mode. In Marlin mode, the display is being painted by Marlin. In touch screen mode, the display is being painted by firmware on the TTF display. Touch mode uses serial communication to send g-code to Marlin. So, your symptoms point to the g-code not being received by Marlin and are likely issues with the thinner cable or the serial communication protocol.

  • Reseat the thinner cable both on the display and the control board.

  • If there is any chance the baud rate was changed, check the baud rate in touch mode. It should be set to 250000.

It was the serial speed, it was set to 115200 once I changed that to 250000 it works properly now. Thank you for the help.


OK, now that it’s sorted, did it at least move like Jagger? :man_dancing:

Note: I waited until the issue was sorted before breaking out the derailer… I had to sit on my hands when I first saw the post, because I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good cry for help. :smug_face:

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