One more parametric CNC-cut table for LowRider v3 — 30"x60", WOOD RAILS, at 3.625” tall

Attached is a Fusion 360 parametric design for a 30"x60" CNC-cut Table for LR3, but it is for WOOD RAILS.

The output from it could be edited in a 2D vector graphics program to make it suitable for metal rails. I have not yet made a 3D model at this size for METAL RAILS.

CNC Table for LR3, WOOD RAIL, parametric, v2, 30’‘x60’', 3.625in tall (414.8 KB)


Note: One of the challenges with parametric designs, is that, sadly, in F360, “moves” are not something that have any in-built history of their own, and therefore cannot be parametric. This means if there are any standard “moves” of components or bodies within the document timeline, the whole project is thwarted from being 100% totally parametric. If you change a parameter then things affected by a “move” don’t adjust their location automatically. So after changing the parameter, you may have to measure how far the item needed to move, and manually move it accordingly.

Since part of the design I did, sadly, has a move or two in it, this issue arises.

Thus, it is helpful to know that when mutiple copies of a body or component are being created in a linear array based on the location of the first one, you only have to re-move the first one. For the Y spars, the first one is on the left from the front.

Good job as always.

It’s probably possible using joints and ~magic~ but ain’t nobody got time for dat.