One is not enough, on my way to LR3 number 2!


I have been going around and around with various CNC devices this last week: worked on two different Laser machines until I figured that I really had all I needed for the moment.

I built my LR3 about 15 months ago and have really enjoyed it except for the hassle (self made) of setting it up and taking it down to store (I have a large workbench, but it is not dedicated to the LR3).

Unlike many others of you, I’ve decided I need a smaller machine for many of the project I want to do. I had a Primo, but it was also difficult to store. So this one is a smaller and portable LR3, with approximately 20x30 cutting area. It can easily be moved from the workbench to the table saw and I can actually leave it there most of the time (the table saw is one of the least used tools, but I’m not getting rid of it).

I made my new V1e store purchases last night and Ryan shipped them today. The order is supposed to be here on Tuesday, I better start printing.

So here are my first pictures. I started with the core as the last time it took 38 hours(!) on my Ender 3. This fall I pulled the trigger on a new Elegoo Neptune 4 Pro and it’s FAST.

I started this at about 11AM this morning:

It just came off the printer:

It took 9 hours and 23 minutes.

I’ll get another bed or parts sliced and see if I can beat the shop order.

Mike B.


I did the same thing and love it. Although both of mine are on dedicated tables. But any flat space in my house becomes storage LOL. So its nice having either option. And sometimes Ill be running parts on both. Enjoy the build! I’m sure you will love it!


Following! Excited to see the progress!


Looking good! Thanks for posting pics!

I hear that… went down to the work shop, and realized that I can’t see my Primo anymore… moved a bunch of stuff off of the table that used to hold the Primo to build the laser… and put the stuff on the Primo…


Nice. Beautiful prints. I need a better/new 3d printer.

Honestly most of its chasing settings. Unless your gonna dish out some big bucks on the top dogs there isn’t much difference between then all

I’m very happy with the Neptune. There really is a difference between 60mm/sec and 500mm/sec (but I am only using 200mm/sec).

The other thing about this printer in the pre-installed Klipper. I was working on an installation on an Ender 3 and decided that the Neptune was ready to go and I could start learning Klipper right away.

And you’re right, getting all the settings is really the most work but makes all the difference in printing.



True. I printed all of my parts for my mpcnc on a dirt cheap $150 Anet A8 printer that came in kit form in a box full of parts. It worked well enough to use and I learned a lot. Although it was always just slightly out of square. Could never true the thing up but for most of my projects it was just acceptable. Very useful tools to have around.


Okay, here are the parts printed in the last 24 hours, and the printer wasn’t running for about 5 of those hours.

I might be able to meet my deadline and still get some sleep.


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It wouldn’t be a V1e thread without scope creep. Have you considered electroplating all the parts to make a shiny fancy LR3? I just came across this again last night and want to try it.

I resemble that remark, except for me it is the LowRiders.

Now you’ve gone and done it! I don’t know if I can resist going down that rabbit hole.

Same. I don’t think there has ever been a time where both of my machines could be run to their full extents at the same time LOL. stuff just moves from one table to the other. or the floor, or that other table, or on to the primo, or the table saw… Yeah its never ending it seems LOL


Well that was fun, I printed this box of part in about the same amount of time that it took to print my original LR3 core:

Today I got most of the rest of the part (except for the V1E order coming tomorrow) for the build:

I’m going to start the assembly tonight, after cutting the gantry rails from the DOM steel left over from the Primo I didn’t build!

I also chose to buy some acrylic to make the YZ plates. These two pieces were cut-offs at the local TAP plastics store: less than $6!

Wish me luck with my first acrylic routing. I’m glad to see the various recent posts that describe how to do it.

I have several controllers I can choose from but what the heck, I’ve got a Jackpot! Does anyone want an SKR 1.2 with screen?

I was going to use those y-rail clips from my first build, but they look so out of place I think I’ll make some new ones from either the blue, or blue-grey filament. I have a piece of Conduit that was for my ZenXY (not yet started) that can become the Y rail.

I love it when a plan comes together!



Those are some really nice looking parts. Very clean.

Is that core the same core as your post a few days ago? It looks like a different color now (love it).

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Same core, different light. The build was an attempt to match Kobalt colors, without using silver…

Ok. What are your thoughts on the smaller size of your second build?

I am building to fit in a particular storage space and was not worrying too much about the size. EXCEPT I do have a few 10x20 inch projects that would be more easily cut on a smaller machine so I designed to that cutting area to be a little bigger and still fit into the storage slot.


Current status:

The post office delayed the delivery by one day (scheduled today) so I didn’t get as much done yesterday. (and I wasn’t up to wiring limit switches :rofl:)

But today I got the bigger LR3 out to start cutting all the flat parts: struts and YZ plates.

Here are a few pictures of the current state of the build:

These sub-assemblies are complete and I reprinted the Kobalt mount in HTPLA with Carbon fiber, because it’s cool.

New strut plats in progress.

Little LR3 compared to my larger one.

Dang, the mail doesn’t get here until after 3PM, I guess I’ll have to wire up a couple limit switches :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


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