Old files (tool holder, and that thing that goes above the tool holder)

Could you please post the old tool holder and whatever part bolts to the conduit just above the tool holder (and/or a zip of the files pre 5/26 update?) I broke mine and need to replace it, but don’t want to reprint and reassemble the entire gantry

Someone has posted all the old parts on thingiverse for both versions I think. If not which size do you need? Or maybe I will post the old parts if they aren’t there.

I’m probably searching for the wrong thing (mpcnc tool holder, or just mpcnc) I just looked again, no luck. US size. Thanks.

I found it but it is only the IE parts,Ill ask him the add the other ones.

Here you go, https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zsi7vp91tqlcm2/cnc%20stl's.zip?dl=0

Thanks so much! You offer an unbelievable amount of support to everybody regardless of whether or not they bought stuff from you (I did), and it is very much appreciated.

Ok, so that was one of the things that I needed. I attached an older picture and circled the older part on the bottom right - I’m not sure what that thing is called. Thanks again.

I appreciate you saying that. I just received an email saying how difficult I make it for everyone to build and find information, and all my replies in forums and emails are rude. I do understand I make short and to the point replies but, man, I answer a ton of replies on all kinds of sources. Never the same thing so I can’t even make an FAQ…

So that circled part is the extruder mount. Is that the only part you need or is there more, another picture would help if you need more.

Nope, that should be the last part I need (US). I wouldn’t mind the old U shaped thing that goes on the extruder itself, just so I can print a spare. Just to be certain, the part above the extruder mount in the previous post is “Tool_Holder_13mm v2” that I found in your dropbox link?

Your documentation could use some work. I say this as somebody with absolutely no prior 3d/cnc experience. There are probably many things that you think is a gimme/extremely obvious (especially as the designer), but for somebody new it winds up being a few hours of research and a bit of assemble/disassemble/assemble. If you had a wiki or something similar I’d love to contribute as a way of giving back.

As an example, I printed the new tool holder and extruder mounts. The old extruder mount I sort of destroyed removing. I should have pre drilled it on installation, i as it was a little tight. The screw heads took it apart during assembly. I wound up using CA to put it back together, but it was really really floppy. Combined with me either losing/not ordering/you not including (not sure which actually happened) the tool mount that goes above it made for a wobbly extruder mount. But it was good enough to print the new stuff. I got a little happy and didn’t realize it wasn’t compatible till afterward, so I put one side of the tool holder on, zip tied the other side to the Z axis conduit, and sanded a pathway for the leadscrew. So now I’m trying to print the old stuff till I can print the new stuff.

A list of suggested spares would be great too - things that people commonly break. I’d love to print out a few spares before I break something and have no way to print spares.

But the support makes up for the documentation :wink:

I have no idea what part you need, maybe just the whole extruder mount? there is nothing above the tool holder you mentioned other than a copy of that tool holder, which is for a dremel flex shaft.

here is the wiki, feel free to add to it. What in particular did you have a problem with? I try and take a picture of every single step as I build one and then just post them in order. https://www.v1engineering.com/assembly/

I don’t really know what people break. It is different for me I designed it so I don’t really break things. If I do I design a new one and post it as a revision.

Old mk mount, https://www.dropbox.com/s/xh012rbsld9cwjj/MK8-9.zip?dl=0

Oops. I just needed the old tool holder and extruder mount. So I’m good with old files.

I’m still having problems with the wiring. Specifically the routing/cable management. It’s all plugged in and working, just a mess. And the filament feed/spool holder. Mine is on a spare piece of conduit in a trash can. Sub optimal. Haven’t quite figured out the best way to do all that organizing.

I had problems with the corner block and the gantry, but it looks like there are more pictures for the corner block now and the gantry has been redesigned.

The extruder took a little extra googling - how to physically mount it, how to get the filament to feed, setting the tension on the feed. I had no idea I needed some blue tape (for adhesion). Still not completely sure what I’m doing with the printer - it usually takes 2-3 times for me to get a successful “start” to the print. For some reason when I 0,0 the coords before I slice, it still wants to move up and to the right before starting the print. Still need to do more searching. I’ll probably make a forum post on my “complete noob extruder woes” so somebody in my shoes can search and find it.

Seriously, thanks again!

EDIT: My build was rectangular, but after I had the ends parallel to each other, I realized it might be slightly better to put the longer axis on the bottom of the corner (keep longer lower, maybe more rigidity? IDK, makes sense in my head.

The steppers. When you mount the gears on the steppers, you probably want the side with the allen keys to face away from the center of the machine. Also, I had to drill out the corner blocks I got from you to make the belt loop through it. Not sure if I should have done something else. Oh, and it’s minor, but does the belt go from the stepper, through the corner hole? Or from stepper, around the top or bottom, then through the hole from the outside? Hole first made more sense to me, but a picture of that would clear it up.

Let me pack up today’s orders and get them shipped and I will take some more pics I guess. I thought I had most of that on there. I have some wire loom I use I guess I should start selling it to make organization easier.

The belts don’t go through the holes the zip tie does. Thought for sure I had a picture of this, if not I will later.

As for the printing it is really had to make a guide that isn’t already out there. Some use tape and wipe it with alcohol, some glue sticks, some purple aquanet.each slicer makes the beginning procedure and settings very different. Tough to do. Printing is harder than milling for sure. You should start with a pen and plot a design then move on to printing so you get a feel for how everything works before worrying about material, temp, layer height, first layer, design, overhang, support, ext.

Here’s mine nearly finished… The cable routing is hopefully obvious. If not, the cables go through the conduit and extra cable is stored in the conduit…

Since the first was taken I’ve made some further changes…

The filament is now underneath on the same copper bar. And I’ve adjusted the control area a bit as in the second picture.

One more request - old DW660 mounting files for US size conduit. I poked around and found a few remixes, but I want to go straight to the source for this one.

BTW - I’m using your files to print, but they are turning out pretty dang good for my first time printing things. It’s not uber quality like yours, but good enough to be functional.

Thanks, I hate failed prints, I do my best to make them fool proof. Nothing worse than coming home to find you have been printing a birds nest for 7 hours because your part failed a few layers in for whatever reason.

I am looking for all the files of the original US (3/4") MPCNC. I need to print replacement parts for my May 2016 MPCNC, but can’t seem to find the files anywhere. Is there a dropbox link that you could please post?

May 2016 is probably 3rd generation, definitely not the original.

If you need all the parts just print the new ones. If you need something specific it would be best to post a picture of what you need.

5/25/16 is the current release, so you should have almost all of the parts. I think the last piece to release was the new rollers.

Corner Parts specifically, and the hold down that goes not the carriages https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jza9hij6wwhsx1e/AAArw-sFCJJ_bLn1Dd9qX0-Na?dl=0

You might as well print the new stuff. The center is the biggest change. The new corner and roller assemblies are stronger and print faster.