Office Chair

AdvanTech, Okoume and Cork.

The base, cylinder and tilt mechanism I purchased online (the sizes and specs are pretty standard.)


Stunner for sure!

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Very cool. In the right environment, this would be an art piece.


Looks great!

Now I have to look up office chair bases…


is it possible to post a video?

what is your experience with the cork? durability? comfort?

Hi - I can do a video later. Little swamped right now due to one of those accidental sauna projects Prefab Building - Sauna

From my impression if the cork is brand new it is soft and CNCs very nicely. I really want to do a lot more experimentation. You can sand any tabs with 220 sandpaper. If it dries it out it gets crumbly (like a wine cork) and less fun. I saturated this with teak oil and it holds up well - a year later. My preference is for chairs that are harder but If I did it again I would experiment with thinner okoume backing (good marine plywood that has a nice bend). Basically, I think some of kind of oil is your friend in terms of working and preserving with cork. On sailboats it looks super for decking and I think in that situation people use a two-part poly urethane for UV etc. The other great thing about cork is that it is a sustainable material - done right it can be harvested from a growing tree.