Octolapse. Stabilized time lapses

This is just so clever. Why didnt someone do this a long time ago?

You have to install the release candidate of octoprint right now, but when they release 1.3.7, it will be pretty easy to set up.

The one tricky part was that my printer heats up the nozzle at 5mm up after homing, so I had to add thay to the config.

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So, it’s jogging the Y axis out to the front in between each layer and taking a picture?

Yes, exactly. If that’s where you want it to take a picture.

That is awesome.


I have some new better endstop holders though, I forgot to put them on thingiverse. I will get them soon, tonight?

Are you talking about what I was printing? I am messing around with an idea, and I started with those. These are slightly different, and for a different purpose. The other parts are similar to your EMT pop up table parts.

I don’t know why I’m being cryptic…

I’m printing a mount for a pi next to it. I am making this for my desk. I want to run some software that will let me tell what network components are working and which aren’t. Which things are doing something, and which aren’t. Anything with a way to query it via python is fair game, but I want the display to look like a console from the 80s. So just text, no graphics.

Sort of thing I’ll put on the screen:

[attachment file=56277]

Hasn’t been updated in a while, so these names are things I used to have…

Ohhhh, sweet. I use those little clamps for sorts of things as well.

you nerd! I love it! I have home assistant running and have been wanting to build myself a little touch-screen interface for the wife to use in the kitchen. I love the all text look however!


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Home assistant is great. I was using it too, but I lodt the config file and I can’t bring myself to make it again. This is sort of my analog version.

I’ve been running Hass.io for a few months now. It’s pretty slick what all you can do. I haven’t invested in a lot of hardware for the house yet, but it controls the light on the small fish tank and some other things in the house.

git is your friend when it comes to saving config files :slight_smile:

I deserve that.

I ordered some slimmer cables, but this is the basic idea. I haven’t figured out what, but I want to also put a panel next to the pi with some GPIO stuff. Maybe some buttons for clocking in/out of work, or some indicators to see if I have an unread email from my boss or something.

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I got octolapse running last night. The configuration is a fairly straightforward.

So awesome. Bummer on the filament running out though.