I have just built the MPCNC and have all the movements correct and i am wondering how to get work from artcam over to use on repetier. which format do i save my tool paths under.

Which controller do you have?

You’ll want to output your code to ‘gcode’, but if you have a Marlin based controller, then it needs to work with Marlin. If you have a GRBL based controller, then it needs to work with GRBL.

i have the marlin, but the artcam has so many types of file extentions listed mostly .nc

nc is just gcode with a different extension. You can rename it.

ive tried several of the .nc extentions and they do not work either they just wont load or the mpcnc goes crazy and only does straight lines all over the map.

Like i said im a noob, so i am learning all this as i go. I purchased one of those little chinese cnc machines and enjoyed it. The software for it was candle. Pretty simple to work with and i could use artcam to do more complex stuff, but this marlin board is very touchy and difficult to use.

Probably needs the correct post processor.

Welcome @bdaman069 to the forum. I hadn’t heard of ArtCAM but took the time to look it up. Interesting recent history. Have you found a Marlin post-processor for ArtCAM. It’s not just a matter of saving it with an extension. You need the right flavor of gcode.

I believe that is what im dealing with. How would i go about getting the plugon that i need, and adding it to Artcam.

You’d probably have to make it. I don’t remember seeing anybody using artcam before. I could be wrong though.

Closest I could find, looks like it doesn’t support tool changes though.

Are you completely sold on using ArtCAM? There’s a lot of other options for making tool paths that most of the people on this forum or more knowledgeable at.

The two that come to mind the quickest are ESTLCam and Fusion360 with Guffy’s post processor. The second one has a really steep learning curve, so probably not best for beginners. ESTLCam works quite well and has a free trial period that goes on forever.

If you’re mostly doing 2D work, then you can use Inkscape or any other Vector graphic designer to create SVG files. Those would then be imported into ESTLCam to create the tool paths.


I appreciate all the advice guys, really impressed with all the responses and its given me some great insight into my journey. Im going to keep the tread going and post my victories and failures.

Google found this in GitHub. Latest update was 17 months ago.

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That link is also in the forum link I posted.

Thanks again guys i’ll give it a shot and see where it goes. Hopefully i can start making chips soon, i have about 40 designs in Artcam so i hope it works.

alright guys ive got it up and running now, but have run into another snag i flip flopped my x and y because i have more area in that dirrection for my x. when i hit home it goes to the opposite corner. how do i reassign home position so that it comes to the original corner. i have the rambo board and im using repetier.

You need to make sure your axis follow the right hand rule. Also, your work will be rotated if you don’t have 0,0 in the lower left side.

You can reverse the direction of a stepper by just flipping the plug. It needs to be powered off when you do that, or you can damage the drivers.