New GRBL 4" touch screen wireless pendant for your CNC

Hello there,

Just a little post to inform that our new pendant for GRBL is available here :
4" LCD touch screen pendant

This Universal GRBL CNC pendant is designed to control DIY GRBL CNC machines. up to 4 axes


  • Colour 4.0" touch screen ( 4.0inch SPI Module ILI9486 - LCD wiki)
  • embedded ESP32E 4 M=32mbit
  • TTL serial port (on USB A slot) to connect on your CNC serial port (if supported by your CNC controller)
  • WiFi for TELNET connection to your remote CNC board (if supported by your CNC controller)
  • Bluetooth for connection to your remote CNC board (if supported by your CNC controller)
  • WII NUNCHUCK port to use as joystick for moving XYZ axis or use touch button on screen
  • USB serial port (micro USB) to connect on PC computer
  • embedded lithium battery 2.000 mA that will give you hours of Autonomie
  • embedded charger…just charge with your standard USB charger
  • Open source firmware (using ARDUINO IDE)
  • OTA function for easy upgrading firmware
  • You Can change language (English, german, french ready made but easy to setup with external txt file
  • You can change color for text, icon and so on…
  • You can change ICON and even create you owns

That’s awesome. Do you have a link to the source code?

Hi jeff,

Source code will be publish soon, but for reference you can see the original from mstrens that we forked adding many goodies :

The firmware has different pinout because we use embedded ESP32 and not dev module, screen is a 4 inch, we add serial USB, battery and charger to become a wireless pendant 'mstrens use it connected to the controler board and power it from the main board.
We also add OTA function

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i’m curious, does this run gcode programs from the SD card on the LCD, or is it just a serial interface (allowing remote access to the resources of the GRBL board)? i ask because i use ESP3D on an ESP32 dev board now (seems very similar), but it will only allow you to upload and run programs from the SD card that is built into the GRBL board. i was under the understanding this was because the ESP32 does not allow for multitasking, and running a screen/web interface and trying to drip feed the CNC board could cause the tool to pause while it waits for the next instruction.

i do love the wii mote jack for joystick control, that is a nice touch.


This can do both way : use CNC controller SD and launch gcode from CNC controller or use SD from remote… same as when you are using you computer your computer. it has serial (wired) WiFi (TELNET) or BT connection

Holy thread resurrection, Batman. Just got my hands on one of these. Are there any setup instructions?

Hi Patrick,

Happy to know you receive your parcel,
You can put message directly on Tindie for better communication.
To answer your question here :
The device is already programmed to use,
You can change parameter following those instruction

WiFi settings can also be changed using the SD card. So you don’t need to recompile and reflash the firmware. To modify the WiFi parameter with the SD card, you must put a file named “wifi.cfg” (respect the case) at the root of the SD card. The file must contain 3 lines with:
PASSWORD = “your password”
SSID = “your access point”
You can only modify: “ESP32_ACT_AS_STATION” (change to “NO_WIFI” or “ESP32_ACT_AS_AP”), “your password” and “your access point”
Once downloaded from config.h or from the wifi.cfg file, the settings are saved in the ESP32 and are reused until new settings are downloaded via the SD card.
So you can delete the “wifi.cfg” file from the SD card after the program runs once.

If you want to recalibrate your screen, you can force a recalibration from the SD card. To do so, you have to put a file named “calibrate.txt” in the root of the SD card.
The content of the file does not matter (only the file name). Remove the file from SD card once calibration is done in order to avoid to do it at each power on.