New discourse forum, Questions, comments, and concerns

I can add links to the hamburger menu, that should work everywhere!


If i’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down about a hamburger thing, that’s exactly what i was looking for. (I think?)

Working on my badges. :wink:


Awesome. I will hit up those links. I have two options above or below the categories? I think below??

I thought the badges were lame at first glance and was going to turn them off…then I started hunting them myself. I like them now and it gives me another level of insight. I think I will make a few of them a requirement for potential vendors, or maybe the trust level thing. Fun!


I’m assuming that you are saying above or below the categories box and not at the top or bottom of the categories list. Below would be fine.

This might be more appropriate.

It is also kind of an “official” add on and the other was not.

To be honest, i was tapping the V1Engineering logo at the top and i was expecting it to take me to the home site.

Yeah that one I can not change. So the link I added above puts it right above that one, and I can get all the other links in as well.

Excellent. The links all work as they should, but the home link is a bit crowded up again the address bar and is a bit tricky to tap, on my phone anyway. Thank you.

Refresh, that was the old one, still working on it

What should I do about the double logo? Hmm make a special “forum version”, I can change the top one to just text but it is kinda ugly.

The top one disappears as soon as i scroll, so it’s not an issue as far as real estate goes on my small phone screen (iPhone 6s) It’s a non issue for me.

Cool, I did one more swap small forum logo dark home logo

I have also enabled some of the multiple log in options. It looks like you can log in as usual, go to you profile, preferences, then authorize any other accounts you want to link for log in.

Nailed it.

Now maybe a link directly to the forums at the top of the home site, or the forum link closer to the top of the hamburger? After all, the forum is more like the cheese.

So the little icon still links to the forum home. Are you saying add it to the new top menu? Home, Shop, Docs, Forum?

Yes the little icon links to the forum home.

I was suggesting a link on the V1 home page that directly links to the forum, instead of the forum link buried at the bottom of the list of the hamburger. It would just make it easier to toggle back and forth between the two.

Oh, on mobile. It doesn’t fit up there. That is a “responsive” thing. Screen size dictates the links.

You can’t put it into the other hamburger? I have two :hamburger:s now. I can think of some better ways to do it, but I’m not sure how much control you have.

The app seems like it’s a thin wrapper around chrome. It does put notifications on the phone, but I can’t tell if that’s discourse or chrome doing it. I would bet that any settings for chrome mobile are what affect the app.

You can see here that the width of the categories also goes off the right. Not sure if that’s related. I suck at css. I am not important! enough, I guess.

Also, FWIW, if you are getting frustrated, it is definitely NBD. I am reporting these things, but generally, I’m quite happy with this.