New discourse forum, Questions, comments, and concerns

Let me know what you think and if I need to change anything.

Please be kind this is all new to me and I am sure we will need to work out some bugs.


Oh, this is gonna be good. I just connected with the discourse app. I have a v1 logo in my notification area!


Sweet, It asked for all sorts of logos and sizes for things I have never heard of.

Unfamiliar at first but so far so good. I think it will be great. I need to check out the app. Previous forum on mobile was okay but a little clumsy.

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Me too! Poking around…I think we have emails now?

When I close chrome and then open the forums through thoe discourse app, this screen is shown when loading. It shows v1import still

I just got the app I will see if there is anything I can do.

Okay, I am not seeing what or how you did that Heffe. The app gave me a direct link on my home screen.

Should have redirects soon. Of course I go to add them and get an error so the techs from the old host are working on it.

Okay, I think it works. Any old forum links should go to the new on. If anyone can try and either drop a note or a like to confirm the redirect is functional I would much appreciate it.

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Nice. Christmassy look with the red, white and green. All seems to be working good.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

I think things should start to pick up with the redirect. So many things to learn I will be poking around all night.

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This is minor, but when I updated my favorites on my iPhone with the new forum link it no longer shows the v1 logo. See the circled icons in the screen grab.

I would call this low priority, unless it could be a symptom of something bigger.

Edit: I now have the v1 logo back.

Phew… I had no idea how to do that. I put a logo everywhere I could find!

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The images have funny padding. Many of them are squished, although maybe just ones converted from the old forums? Some of them run off the right side of the page. The ones in this thread look fine though. Maybe it’s just the old ones.

They have not been converted yet. Should start around midnight my time and take 6-7 hours, along with the likes. New pictures worked perfectly, old ones get a script of some sort to fix em. Likes should come in as well

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This image is doing it too. It’s new.

I’ve been fumbling my way around the newness of the forum and i’m learning to navigate my way around, and so far it’s ok, but i can’t find my way out of the forum and back to the main site.

I’m not using the discourse app. I’m just using safari on my iPhone. I’m sure i could get there other ways, but I haven’t found a link to the home page from the forum. Is there one?

Hmm, that happens on the app for me as well. I am not getting the color boxes on my topics all of the time and your screen shot above shows them. I can’t find any app settings in the app, or app specific settings here.

I just got that in late last night. Scroll all the way up “home”

Sorry, I’m not seeing “home”.

Oye. Mobile, app, and desktop…shoot. Home link only shows up in desktop. Let me look into it. I have no idea. I think I can add a footer that might show up in all three.

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