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Just ordered the kit and will start printing parts for the Mostly 3D tomorrow. I am using a German StepCraft 600 with 3D printing head which I have access to. Have checked out Allted and Bofferle comments here and on Thingiverse. I am anxious to get started. From what I see I will end up with a large build enough platform which I can build on and improve as I see fit. I work as a development engineer and hope to use it in prototyping parts. Keep the suggestions coming! I’ll be reading them and directing others this direction.

Hey carbonrat,

I’m currently writing step-by-step instructions for assembling the CNC frame. If it’s ok I would send you a preview for testing the build process with your kit. I know you wouldn’t need it as an engineer, but perhaps you have some comments on it :slight_smile:

Greetings, Bofferle

Be happy to look at the instructions and comment. Can take some pictures of the process if you need any. It may take some time as I am just now printing parts. Email is Also I have a bunch of carbon fiber loaded filament. May try it for some the parts requiring strength. Any benefits?

I am getting ready to build this in a couple of weeks after getting the bundle of parts here & would be interested in seeing your step-by-step instructions. I put my 3d printer together from a DIY kit, but am new to CNC machines. My email is


I’ll link the instructions as soon I’ve finished them and send them via email. Don’t know if this filament is required, I tested ABS and PLA so far. ABS shrinks too much and bolts/conduits don’t fit. My PLA parts are really strong (75% infill for any part with a bearing, 50% for the rest, 0.2mm layer height, 1mm outer perimeter, 0.8mm top/bottom solid, using Cura), none broke yet.
Greetings, Bofferle

when you built your 3D Printer yourself you don’t need worry about the cnc router. It’s just a bit more massive and I’m sure the axis have a larger diameter :smiley:
I finished the re-assembling of my cnc and took all needed pictures, the instructions should be ready by tomorrow.
Greetings, Bofferle

ABS is a bit of a pain but I did print the Z axis parts (except the motor mount) in ABS and everything fit OK. I find that for ABS I need to surround the print area with heavy duty aluminum foil to keep the heat in and I set the build plate to 110C. Of course I am violating a Stratasys patent by heating my build area :wink:

All my parts even the PLA ones required a very light sanding or filing to get the bolts in and the EMT tubes to fit properly.

Hi SteveC,
have a look at my enclosure:
I don’t need it for PLA, but I made it printing large ABS parts without warping. But the ABS parts are shrinking too much, I tried with a corner block and compared to one made of PLA: ABS doesn’t work for me.
Greetings, Bofferle

Have you ever tried printing with PETG plastic? It is stronger than PLA, but as easy to print as PLA. It still does not have the heat resistance that ABS has. I am still printing the parts for this project in PLA. Here is a link to the PETG I use:

I have been using PET+ a lot, I definitely feel it is one of the best filaments for 3D printing. Like you said prints just like PLA but has a much higher heat resistance and seems much stronger. It also doesn’t absorb moisture so storage shouldn’t be an issue, at least it hasn’t been.

I’m not sure if there is a difference between PET+ and PETG, a quick Google search didn’t bring up anything obvious.

Than link you provided brings the price down to manageable, I’m ordering some for sure. Thanks

The only issue I have had with it is that I get more burnt plastic on the extruder nozzle. I think that maybe the temperature I am using is too hot. I was printing at 240 & then 238. I may try 230 next time I use it to see if that helps that problem.

Yes I only tried the center/Z axis parts in ABS and not the corner blocks. I can see how any shrinkage in the corner blocks would be a problem.

Nice heated chamber design. I had actually seen it before but did not realize that it was yours.

Here we go: Assembly Instructions

Please comment any ideas, mistakes etc. here: Forum - Assembly Instructions