New Build - This was Fun

I retired last year and wondered what i would do with my time. I came across this group and have built the Lowrider 3 and now just finishing the MP3DP V4! It was a challenge building a 3d printer from a picture, (and a fusion 360 drawing with pre-drawn parts) but what fun! The printer is running with Klipper, and I’m just finishing up the final tweaking before I put it to work and move on to some projects on the CNC. Busier now than I have been in a while!

Thanks to Ryan and everyone on the board for all of your hard work and making this available!

I didn’t take any pictures or document my build, but would be happy to help anyone else with any questions if I can!



The printer support definitely needs to be a team effort. There is a lot of ways it can go sideways and we haven’t figured them all out yet. So please do!

The printer looks great.


I love it, a sneak attack printer! Did you even ask any questions during the build?


Go grab a serial number

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I didn’t need to! I learned a lot from building the LR3 and I knew klipper from my Ender3, so it was just figuring out the pins etc. on the SKR board. I wanted to try and do as much as I could without help, but it was good to know there was help if I needed it!!


Did you 3d print with ABS filament successfully?