New Build - MPCNC SKR2.0 TFT35

Hi all,

New to the MPCNC and love the idea. I’ve purchased all the part and am currently printing everything required. However, I thought I’d get a jump on things and get the SKR 2.0 Rev B board I had already configured for the machine. I currently have an Ender 3 pro but I’ve never played with Marlin firmware before (other than downloading a precompiled firmware file and updating the board). I’m having issues creating the firmware for the SKR 2.0 (TMC2209 drivers) \ BTT TFT35 V3. I’ve managed to get the firmware successfully built and uploaded to the SKR2.0 but for some reason the TFT works for a few seconds and then jumps to the Marlin Mode \ Touch Mode screen and then the touch screen stops functioning?

Does anyone either have a prebuilt firmware file for the SKR2.0 with the BTT TFT35 V3 screen or can point me in the right direction in terms of the issue above.

Happy to post the configuration.h file if needed.

Thanks in advance.


I am assembling the same project, with SKR 2.0 but using the 128x64 LCD, when compiling your .BIN file, didn’t you have some warning in the ternimal…do the compilation again and see if you don’t have some warning in YELLOW…Question, how do you intend to connect the spindle?

For I am looking for a solution to connect it directly to the fan pwm and use this configuration to drive the spindle…

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