New build in Germany

The time has come for me. After way too long of a research I pulled the trigger on the order for the first parts. It is just screws but it makes me quite exited. My biggest hazzle was to find the right spindle since I didn’t want to buy a clone or a china spindle as my first one. Because I thought if something is wrong with them I would never find out because I lack the experience. (That is also why I go with the standard build volume of 600x600x7) So I thought my only option is the Kress with the hefty price of 250€. But now I found this one from Makita and on paper it looks alot like the Dewalt 660 and can also be found for about 60€.

Makita 3709. (Can’t include a link)

It has 530 W, the Dewalt has 550 W, the rpm are similar and so is the build size. Also I like Makita, they build great power tools. Has anyone of you already used this? I think this one fits even better than the RT0700 and is only half the price.

Anyway major exitement here.


Oh I forgot to add. The only downside I see is that the router can only use 6 mm end mills, but I guess I can live with that in the beginning.

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Check out this topic.

Keep searching for collet add ons. Seems like I saw someone post about them, but I need to go so haven’t searched hard.

I will be using a Makita clone called Katsu, it can be bought for about €30.
I have had one in my furniture business for a year with no issues.

There are adapters/inserts that can convert 6mm to 3mm or 1/8". They are not recommended though, since they can add wobble to the spindle. I got one of those from Aliexpress, and will try them out and see if they suffice.


Yeah, I am also worried about the wobble. I guess for the beginning 6mm endmills is all I will use and if I get the hang with them, I will see what my options are.
Would be awesome if you could report back with your experience.

Thanks will check that out.

Are you sure the collet is 6mm and not 1/4"?

Yes. It says so on the product page. I do believe the american version has a 1/4" collet though I am not sure about that.

FWIW I ended up getting a Bosch, and picking up a collet from
They are more expensive than the aliexpress ones, but they’re just as good as OEM so no worries about wobble. They make various sizes for most brands of routers.

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Here you see the results of using the collett adapter:

The engraving on top is done by a 1/8" 30 degrees engraving bit, placed in the router with the mentioned adapter in the stock 6 mm collett.

It honestly works quite well. Once the mill dropped down into the work piece, very much likely because I didn’t tighten the collett screw enough.

But I wonder - would the results be even nicer with a proper 1/8" collett from Elaire?? Who knows? Is it worth it?

Nice parts. They look amazing.

I also found these here. I heard good things from Sorotec and also plan to source end mills from them. Also 9€ doesn’t seem alot to me and their endmills are also priced within reason.ülse

Also on my part printing comes along well, the table is finished and I gotta say the Makita router already payed off. Even if I won’t use it in the MPCNC for long, it is a great machine to smooth out corners and I love it. But first I gotta save up some more. This project develops into a bigger money drain than I expected. I need a table therefore I need (want) a circular saw, but I can only work in the evening when it is dark so I need a proper light and a cable roll because there is no plug around. It just goes on and on :D. So far this turned into a huge justification to buy more and more tools.

You say that like it’s a bad thing…


Shaneh: “Can you build me a $thing?”
Me: “I need a $tool.”


When I got married, I told my wife that my motto was “Every project requires the purchase of a new tool.”

I’ve mostly kept up my end of that deal. :wink:

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I actually sold my gaming pc to upgrade to a better 3d printer - I don’t regret it at all. It’s much better for my mental health to play with tinkering and creating stuff, than vegetating in front of a screen. The new obession on the other hand - is like you say, needing more tools to make things so that the machine can machine the parts for new machines - and so on and so on… a real life game for grown-ups!

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When I met my wife I was studying stage management and technical theater with access to a fully equipped scene shop. One of the first gifts I gave her was to solve an ergonomic issue with her desk that I threw together in a few minutes in that shop.

A couple of years later, after graduating, we were watching New Yankee Workshop , and she said “Why don’t you make that sort of stuff for me anymore?” and I said “Okay, let’s estimate the cost of each tool he uses to get that done.” I went the Stage Management rather than tech carpenter path, so didn’t have shop access anymore.

Been equipping my home shop for a while now, and with the exception of a couple of uni-taskers (can’t justify a standalone mortiser or dedicated pocket screw cutting table) and settling for home-size rather than industrial capacity (little bandsaw rather than resawing monster), I think I could probably pull off most of Norm’s projects. Then again, he didn’t have a K40 laser “engraver” or 3D printer to play with. MPCNC is next on my “play” list.


“Every start of a project requires the purchase of a new tool.”

Fixed it for you.

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I don’t know. Probably better to wait until you figure out what tool the job needs. Saves you from buying useless tools.

I just meant I don’t always finish the job. So I have more tools than finished jobs.