New 2 CNC start* LR3 build

9/10/22 started printing my parts. I am new to CNC and trying not to get overwhelmed and figure it out as I go. On the print sheet it shows rectilinear infill, I am using Cura 5.0 and can not find that infill pattern so I used lines hoping that is right. Should I have used another infill pattern?? Printing on an Ender 3 V2 with inland PLA+ going for a red white and blue theme. Good news is all the ordered kit and parts are here!!


Yup lines or cubic will work.

Welcome to the crew!

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Looks like that’s the correct one:


Quick 2D infill

The Lines infill pattern is a fast-printing pattern that uses minimal material. It is suited to visual prints like decorative models.

Sometimes known as rectilinear infill, this pattern prints unidirectional lines on each layer, changing direction 90 degrees for the subsequent layer. This makes a kind of disconnected grid in which layers one, three, five, etc. have lines along one axis, while layers two, four, six, etc. have lines along the perpendicular axis.

From this article: Cura infill patterns: What they are and when to use them

EDIT: Ryan beat me to it…

Thanks Ryan for the ease of mind

Thanks Jeff for putting my mind at ease I tend to overthink things and that has drove me crazy for two days actually why I have not started printing until today. Still will be nervous throughout the prints.

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I absolutely know what you mean. I just started printing my LR3 parts today as well.
I have 1 hour left on my Core print. I’ll post a picture in my build thread soon.

I did a ton of small test prints and finally bit the bullet and hit print on the Core.

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I have printing for a year this coming December and so far so good. Couple small learning curves belts too tight not enough time on the bed level etc… but here I go. I saw Ryans comment on not using PLA+ on another thread (great) and now I have ordered regular PLA pick it up tomorrow for the remaining parts after the core.

How do i find your thread I would like to follow along? New to forums and such I have read alot of them but not actually participated.


Here’s my brand new thread: Starting my first CNC - The LR3

I’ve only been 3d printing for a little over a month. I bought a Prusa MK3S+ kit, it’s my first 3d printer.

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Many of us here use Prusa Slicer, and we use those terms, but there’s nothing wrong with Cura.

Welcome to the madness, it’s really not as complex as it might seem. Just keep at it, and you’ll do fine.

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Hi Dan! It’s really cool that there are two fantastic open source projects both driving the tech forward. Some of the best new features of PrusaSlicer came directly from Cura 5.0

I’ve learned a lot from this community in the short few months I’ve been reading everything here.

Core finished on first try. 13hrs 10 min, .28 layer height, 35% infill, not super smooth but I sacrificed a little pretty for speed. I think it seems okay and strong should be functional.


Another day of printing completed. Outer braces at 50% infill and .20 layer height took 5hrs 44min each, Z drives 35% infill .28 layer eight took 5hrs 21 min. Moving on!!