Need Help with XY Rail Tension

So I decided to build a MPCNC looking forward to starting my first project. So I am having issues with getting the XY tension on the X&Y Rails.

I purchased the Kit and Plastic Parts 23.5 from V1 and the Conduit from Home Depot. The pipe fits the Feet, Corners, as well as the Z Axis. When I put the Middle Assembly together the X&Y Rails are way to loose. The Conduit does not even touch the top bearings.

Am I missing something on installing the bearings and tension?

Thanks for the Help


In the first picture it looks as if the beaings/bolts that should be snug are loose, and the last picture shows your tension bolt so tight it is pinching the plastic.

I would start over with the center and Z. swap the parts around a bit to try and counter act some of the tensions you put on them. Snug all the 1.25" bolts, leave all of the longer bolts loose. Follow the directions closely, it goes together in that order to balance things. By default it should actually be a tight fit and not need tension. So having a gap of any kind means something is wrong.

Also, this has to be built with all 6 rails in place as shown in the instructions. Without the Z in place there is no tension on the XYZ parts. Step by step through the instructions will help, promise. Don’t just try to fix this, you will need to take it all the way apart shuffle the pieces and do it again.