Need help setting up wireless SKR

I think I have the settings correct but it won’t connect to the wireless access point.

I couldn’t get Client mode to reliably work in my garage, our wifi access point is too far. Ended up using ESP3D in AP mode and connecting with a amzn fire tablet until I bother to install an access point much closer.

Already dug through Headless SKR Pro Info ? Long topic, but there’s some posts by folks about network issues they encountered and overcame.

I don’t think you should have anything in the ip address sections. DHCP should fill that in for you.

These little esp32s don’t have advanced high speed wifi. So they won’t connect to 5GHz radios and they work with wpa2-psk, but not something like wpa3 (as far as I know).

Networking and wifi can honestly be configured in tens of thousands of ways. It is really tricky to debug it through the forums. But if you figure out what is wrong, please share. I don’t have enough knowledge to know where to start. But maybe we can at least get some known things that don’t work.

I feel dumb, I double checked and triple checked. For some reason my brain refused to see AAT was there instead of ATT. It was like the trick where they put a word duplicated in a sentence and your brain over looks it, because your brain knows what it should be. Since I have an ATT router the SSID starts with ATT not AAT


That happens to me all the the time.