Am I really the only one who sees a kid putting their finger through the hole, and having a sibling yank the cross-member out? At least, it’s a big, round hole, and the kid’s more likely to just get a broken bone or bruise than a slice taken out of their finger…

Definitely needs a safety peg of some sort to prevent curious appendages and malicious chaos gremlins from inflicting GBH on one another…

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Well yeah, some of these holes are already painted red on the inside, he really did think this through you see! :wink:

Shhh… I was trying not to be mean! :slight_smile:

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Those beams though…

Reminded me a lot of the “dual LR3 on the same rails” that was discussed in the idex topic at some point
I’m still debating adding a second simpler fixed-z carriage on mine for laser

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Ahahahaha, i was just watching that earlier today! In my head I was thinking, wow that looks expensive!

I posted it before I watched it. And as I was watching and saw he was using carbon fiber rods I could already hear Ryan saying thats not going to last! LOL

It is a neat concept and will be interesting to see where he takes it from here.

At least his bearings are made to run on a tube. That’ll help.


Man that is too cool.

And tasty!

They’re tiny here! My dog was bigger than this one.

5 video series of 3D printing a piston for a 4 wheeler. I thought it was pretty interesting and had a way different outcome than I expected


Man I hate TikTok - no way that I can find to just rip through to the key moments!
This is way off track, but seriously, even though there’s some sort of conflict going on - even though it’s not half of 110, Garage54 has to be the best Auto Channel on Youtube.


Here it is, the software to make dovetails with flat boards, no vertical needed. Didn’t try it yet though but looks promising so far. :slight_smile:

Here is the proof it works

and a box he made

Looks stunning. :slight_smile:

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