My 2nd MPCNC....well soon too be need some info

currently running ver.1 of the mpcnc and arduino uno r3 with cnc shield and grbl on it I love the machine as you can tell.
But its time to build my second one which will be mpcnc ver.2 with a arduino mega with ramps 1.4 and run only a laser on it.
I like my tools to have one purpose means more tools lol

Just a few questions for ver.2 users

1.Stainless is it really that big of a difference? I just cant justify the price myself.
2.anyone use v1 and v2 and what have you noticed in improvements of the two?
3.height of legs for doing a laser build any recommendations? (I have no plans to use it as a 3d printer)

If you’re only going to laser, crank the Z axis down really short. Set leg length as short as you can while still leaving enough room to get things in and out. You’ll get the best rigidity and precision that way.

so would be more ideal to make a adjustable bed vs z axis but for the most part I think 2 inches is the high I will go but a drop down bed might be a great addon for bigger items

Yeah, though I’m not sure if a drop down bed ends up being less of a hassle than just swapping out a set of longer leg tubes. :slight_smile: