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Add a maker near Nashville!

Been lurking for a while, and have finally started assembling some parts, so figured I would make it official and start a thread.

Have a baby coming any day now, and with that means in-laws coming any day now, so I needed a reason to be in the shop all day.

Ryan, I know everyone says it, but major props to you. The design really is amazing. I’ve already started modifying my new 3D printed designs using some of the tricks you use to avoid supports (angled-bottom screw holes at the top of pieces? So obvious. So elegant. How did I never think of that?!)

Aaaaand some requisite photos.


[attachment file=86677]

[attachment file=86678]


Congrats on the new addition (and the baby on the way!)

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Your welcome!

Well, I have heard it a few times but each time it is just as special…Thanks. :slight_smile:

Build looks pretty good so far, wait until you see it dirty!


My sentiment exactly, right now! Haha

Seeing the wet bar under the TV… I’m really excited for the big life changes on the way for you :). My kids both love watching the machines work, and they both have hearing and eye protection they can wear. My oldest (4) even volunteers to sweep, and he’s not very good at it so it’s a good, long, distraction.

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I just had some kids over making pinewood derby cars (promise they actually did it themselves!). The youngest was way more interested in sweeping!

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Haha unfortunately it hasn’t been touched in about 9 months. ? Now, thanks to this project, I can get really fancy for the downstairs bar!


I’m an Eagle Scout, so thumbs up for pinewood derby!

5:30 Saturday. We’ve been in delivery since around 1. Took Friday off because our doctor told us at our Thursday appointment that she was in pre-labor. Soooooooo:

[attachment file=87019]

I love the color scheme.

Thanks! Spent a decent amount of time trying to find a green as bright as I wanted it. Ended up with Atomic Filament. It’s actually translucent and black light reactive (overkill?).

Black is good ol’ Zyltech.

I have never heard this word before…therefore I think you made it up.



Long weekend in the hospital with an emergency c-section and a touch of jaundice. Should get to go home today!

I had just gotten it started before leaving. Just have to finish a little bit of cable management.

[attachment file=“87685”]

Congratulations! Welcome to parenthood! See you in about a year!


Congratulations! Drawing a parallel, being a parent is kind of like your build. Each day brings something new, sometimes it will be really cool and sometimes you get unexplained results that you get to troubleshoot :slight_smile:

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Unlike a project though, you can’t just yell for a bit, leave it in the garage, and go watch youtube for an hour if you’re frustrated with it.


You could, but I don’t recommend it - you’d likely find yourself on the wrong side of the bricks that Barry was drilling through


Well, the aforementioned in-laws get here today, so I’ll be leaving MYSELF in the shop for extended periods of time.

“Oh, just setting up those new shelves to organize the building, honey. I know, I’m the best.”

Hello world.

Spent some time drawing with little man next to me.

[attachment file=87846]
[attachment file=87847]
[attachment file=87848]