Mrrf 2023

I would love to go. I will have to wait til it gets closer to see. I think it is 5 hours for me.

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We’re flying to Indy and renting a car.

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Interesting. I would have really expected site traffic to grow.

Hey if you’re going, and booked a room at the quality inn, get a refund and find a different place. It’s been closed since Feb, but they’ll still let you book a room.

What that is nuts!? Pretty sure that is the closest one that most people book as well. That is going to be a nightmare.

where did you see that? did you get an e-mail?

Either that, or he’s angling to get a room after someone cancels, the sneaky rat…

Hey Ryan,
I want to confirm that you still want/need me to bring my LR3 to the show. I am cramming hard to get it done. Also, i need to leave Sunday morning. I dont recall how much is done at MRRF on Sunday. I dont want to leave you high and dry but i have to make a party by noon.

Yes, I would really appreciate it. If you can’t get it done let me know so I have time to ship mine.

I have to leave Sunday at about noon I think, flights out are brutal that Sunday/Monday.

Naa, we always stay at the Marriott.

Crap it is only 2 weeks away!!

WHAT!?!?!? Of FUdge. I thought we had way more than that.


Yeah same here! Wife said i could go. I just need to make it happen. i may drive down saturday then drive back sunday. Give me saturday afternoon and sunday morning.

Yea, we’re driving over friday from ohio, then flying out sunday night from indy.

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I would have probably pushed it until Monday, but my Mom is coming for a visit and that is literally her last day. Any other flight had crazy layovers and would be a huge bummer.

It is kinda feeling like this one is going to be a lighter crowd than normal. There is just not much social buzz about it. And that hotel thing might really mess some people up. Just posted in the FB page, hope they make a bigger post about it.

So i was in the fb and am seeing Friday night may be the funnest time. Now I am re-evaluating. Anyone know if there is a campground close to save some money?

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Well, anywhere can be a campground, if you really want it to be. Although I’d avoid obvious yards and business frontages. But interstate overpasses and out behind the WalMart should probably be OK, provided you respect any previous claims…

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Those days are behind me. Nothing like a shower!

There is a campground at the fairgrounds where mrrf is held. Requires a camper, no tents.

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