Mrrf 2023

Anyone planning on going to MRRF 2023 in Goshen June 23-25? Will there be an MPCNC presence?

I hope so! I will wait until after Rmrrf to really be sure, see if I have the funds and time to do it.

Looks like I’ll be there.

I am planning to make the trip with my older two sons. Need to whip my CoreXY printer into shape so I have something to show at our table.


I’ve got a table reserved for our local makerspace and I’m hoping to have the CoreXY motion I brought last year built out into a complete printer this year. Only possible complication at this point is that Saturday will be the day of the championship game for my son’s little league season. Odds of his team advancing all the way to the final game are slim but you never know.


But since you made the reservation, they’re guaranteed to win! :rofl:

Hmm… 5½ hr drive. Might be doable. If nothing else, to prove to Ryan I’m not a long-form joke perpetuated by his friends. :ghost:

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I will try. I think it is like 5 hours for me.

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I need to figure out if I am going. Reservations need to be made. I am a Gold Sponsor already, so it would be really cool to be able to go. Feels so close to RMRRF, I have not even fully unpacked yet.

So stop unpacking. :stuck_out_tongue: Get used to that jetsetter life!

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I really doubt it. I like going to the shows, but it takes a lot of effort before, during and after. I really wanted to try and hit SMRRF, to see what is different outside the US, but I don’t think that is in the cards so MRRF will have to do.

So i know it peeks alot of interest, but do you see an up swing in sales after attending? I am sure that the forum probably gets hit hard, but do sales? I cannot imagine how much you had into shipping flignt etc!

Sorry not sure how I missed this one.

It doesn’t hit that crazy, it might have one year, but I am not sure it has a very large impact. I have learned how very different each event it. For me it is a super crazy creativity recharge. Being around soooooo many like-minded people is incredible. I also think it is full of makers with 3D printers and lots of spare parts, so if anything I am roping in some talented people to hang out with us less than getting more direct sales.

This RMRRF had no traffic impact during or the week after on the site, youtube, docs, or the store.

I am fully booked for MRRF!!

I will have to leave at the half day point on Sunday though, there are no flight options without nasty layovers otherwise. I have family coming into town that Monday that have never been here so I have to get back.

So does anyone have any build they can bring to the show, I should have some table space?


I am building a LR3 for the show. I have the parts printed and mostly assembled.


Nice, what size?

building it for a 36x48 table. I will take the main x/z components and adapt it for a 36x22 table.


At RMRRF, Ryan had nifty belt holder mod that would wrap around a standard table edge. Not sure if it was adjustable for various table thicknesses. Great for situations where you don’t know exact table depth, and don’t want to drill holes in the table and low loads are involved (e.g. drawing/laser/engraving). Consider printing/using those if they’re available somewhere.


I may have spoken too soon. They are now #1 in the standings. Even if they go “all the way” I should be able to make it to Goshen sometime mid-day on Saturday and can probably send the printer ahead with another member of the local makerspace.


That is awesome on both fronts!