Mrrf 2022

MRRF (Midwest RepRap Festival) will be held June 24 - 26th this year. No tickets required.


I have not booked anything yet, I do want to go though.

Kinda scared to book it until they have more details. They have not emailed any sponsorship stuff yet either.


I just discovered that this was happening tonight. The complete lack of substanative details gives me a bit of pause, but I’d love to head out there if this is actually happening. The “No tickets, No registration” thing seems like a disaster waiting to happen, IMO, but I’ve never run a maker faire, so what do I know…

If I can con some folks from the local makerspace into coming out to help man a table I might try to finish up the CoreXY printer design I’ve been toying with over the winter.

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Mrrf is extremely loosely ran if that makes any sense. There are a few people working there but it seems to mostly be an open door to a large awesome geekfest. Don’t let it sway you. There will either be tables available or you will share with very welcoming others. I have always paid for a sponsor table…and never actually had one reserved for me. I split an isle (more cramped) table last time, while the company in front of us had 2 or 3 full sponsor (against the wall) tables. People move tables all the time and shuffle. It is a free for all but it is super fun for that very same reason.

This time around I think they are doing the even larger place again so table room should not be an issue any more.

It is worth it. I would love to go, but if I do I don’t think I would bring any machines with me this time because I will just sneak around for a quick visit.

It looks like MRRF is in Building A this year which is indeed bigger than the two buildings they had in 2019. Total square footage increases from 19k to 30k so that should help with the elbow room problem.

Couple people show up.

You can see the top of Ryan’s head in just off center left.

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…and that is one of the two building they had that year. Uhhhh, I am really on the fence with this one. Is this gunna be the cool giant, I’ve been waiting 2-3 years for this show or is that next year.

They still have not sent out sponsor emails yet.

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OH! If you do go, take cash. The food vendor doesn’t take plastic.

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The answer here might come down to how well the organizers get the word out to people about what to expect when they show-up. They are advertising this as three days 24-26

But the fairgrounds website says there is an even on the 25th and 26th (no mention of the 24th).


There is also this event:


The Grass Lots event is 24-26, but is that also MRRF or something completely different?? Where are the ‘grass lots’? I didn’t see a site labelles as such on the fairground map…

There is still time for this to be the big one, but the window for everyone needing to make plans is slowly closing.

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Email them. One of the vendors on the railcore discord did it that way.

Yeah they used to just say Saturday and Sunday, but would open the door Friday night to set up, then Friday afternoon, then Friday morning. So it is probably officially the weekend, but they know the doors will open some time Friday. I think a lot of people got mad when they flew in, showed up at the time the doors were supposed to open on Saturday morning to find all the tables were already full.

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I just came across this in case you guys haven’t seen it yet.


Welp, booking a hotel, so I’ll be there friday and saterday. We’re leaving sunday morning to drive back to FL.


Oh man, I still can not commit to it yet. Still on the fence.


I plan to be there Saturday and Sunday. Hoping to finish the CoreXY motion I’ve been working on and show it off at a table with guys from our local makerspace.

I still need a hotel room and am open for suggestions. Don’t mind driving from Elkhart if there are better options up that way.


I will be driving in for a day of bird watching in Gary one of those days I live 3 hrs away so i may see everyone. I hope you make it. How is the walking there i use a cane and kind of limited in range should i even try ?


It’s the standard fairground exhibit buildings. Concrete floors, they will have some aisles that have a bundle of power cords going across them. If I remember right there are sidewalks from the paved parking lot. It might be crowded.


I am thinking about going too. I meant to go in 2020 (I had tickets and everything). I am currently trying to see if it fits though. My work travel is also exploding this summer.

Dammit! Not gonna make it!
I will be in Brazil for work June 13 - July 1st

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Hey, Brazil is a cool second choice!

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