MPCNC stops after I press print in Repetier

Hello all,

I have my MPCNC all built and I am trying to some test runs with it. The problem I am running into is that once I put the .nd file into Repetier and press print nothing happens and the Z-axis motor makes a weird pulsing/hissing sound. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Attached below are some pictures that may help.

I replied to your other post. You are showing a second hot end is waiting for that to heat up. Take it out of repetier or your firmware.

You are also using the wrong buad rate, change it to 250000

I went ahead and changed the buad rate as well as checked the firmware and it has only one extruder but I am still running into the same problem. If it helps at all sometimes when I press print and it makes the weird sound the y-axis stepper driver starts to get hot. Also, I attached a picture of what Repetier looks like once I press print. Sorry for all the questions, I just really want to get my MPCNC working.

Thank you

Whatever you did now you are only showing one hotend.

So either your wiring or you gcode would be next on my list.

Use my test gcide on the estlcam page, then maybe put up some ramps pics.

The pictures I posted earlier using Repetier are with the test file. Bellow are some pictures of my connections and Ramps board.

how about the plug to check polarity

Which one would that be?

green plug

Did you buy the board from me?

If not have you flashed my firmware and set the voltage of the driver pots?

My polarity connects are attached and I did not get the board from you. Below is a pic of the firmware I downloaded and the pots have not been set since I do not have a potentiometer.

The pots are more than 2 times the voltage needed. Default is 1.6V they can only handle 0.7V without over heating and about 1.2 with a small fan. Cross your fingers you didn’t mess up your steppers.

Went out and got a multimeter and changed the voltage of the pots. Everything works now but I am having a little trouble with the beginning of prints. Instead of starting right where I place the dremel head it travels to the center of my MPCNC and starts there. I am sure it is something with my Repetier settings but I cannot seem to figure out how to fix it.

You are going to need to give a lot more information.

How are you generating the gcode, best to zip it and upload it here.

Most of us start where the screen reads 0,0,0, usually where the ramps is powered on or reset. You might have yours set to start in the middle.

What does my test gcode do?

I tested it again but with starting at one of the corners before I turned everything on and it took that as 0,0,0 so as you said it takes the position where it is at when it gets turned on as 0,0,0. Thank you for all your help.

Awesome, there is a lot to learn now so take it slow.