MPCNC spotted making wing foil board

Hello All,
Sorry if this isn’t the best forum category. Besides my great interest making things with the MPCNC, I have another recent affliction learning how to wingfoil… which leads to my interest in building my own boards and foils… I believe I spotted an MPCNC in a video about doing just that…




Definitely an MPCNC!

I thought that looked familiar… after a bit of digging I found it described here by @Mat:


@swiftyrt66 Wow that’s a crazy amount of work but it came out awesome!


Awesome! @Mat , fantastic video and post! Great to see that mastery of design, mschining and carbon fiber work. I’ve thought about trying a project like that but you’ve made me appreciate that it’s no small undertaking.

It must be really satisfying to get the finished product out on the water!


@Bigchepin , just to be clear, that’s all @Mat - i just pointed out the video…

I wish i could build something like that!


That video was a pleasure to watch

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What an impressive project! He’s certainly got more talent (and time) than I do.

2 comments: What an awful, awful amount of styrofoam to deal with, and that surgical mask is woefully inadequate.

yes, vacuuming the polystyrene is a pain, it gets everywhere, but the air is humid enough here to avoid the static that makes it stick everywhere, a few trash bags go out every time.
And also yes, a new proper mask is on the way… more than for the foam, it’s for the microbaloon sanding and the carbon dust :slight_smile:

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