Doing a first time setup of MPCNC and having difficulty getting PC to recognize cnc (SKR Pro 1.2 board with TFT35 E3 V3). Firmware is the latest off your site for both board and screen. Can control cnc via touch screen(works great)…but my windows 10 PC is not creating a COM port in windows when I connect to the board via usb. COM port also does not show up in the drop down menu of the connection tab of Repetier Host.

Do I need some intermediary between the board and the PC, Arduino or Raspberry Pi? Do I need a driver for windows 10 to recognize the SKR Pro board?


There is a set of jumpers on the board that specifies host or USB, is your set to USB?

skr pro 1.2 jumpers

Usb? Here is pic of the board and jumper location.

That is right. I don’t think any drivers are needed, I guess I should go try on a neighbors computer. Let me see what I can do… I have only plugged it in to already reprap heavy machines.

Cool beans, thx


Well, its working now. Initially had it plugged into the USB “A” port on the board. Changed to the “B” port (blue cable) and its working.


yup, as far as I know that other port is what the jumpers select, but it is not available at this time and it will only be for file storage if ever.

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