MPCNC Primo preinstalled firmware

Hi…does the preinstalled firmware (Rambo 1.4) support dual endstops or do I need to flash it with the latest Marlin-1CNC_Rambo_dual? Assuming that is the correct firmware. Thanks!

If you ordered the dual endstop wiring when you purchased your board, it is likely to have the dual endstop firmware. If you purchased the screen, the version number will come up when the board boots. If the version has a ‘D’ at the end it is for dual endstops. if you did not purchase a screen, you can send an M115 g-code to query the information about the firmware. Or you can just run it and see what happens. X2 and Y2 won’t move if you are wired for dual endstops and are running serial firmware.


Thanks for your help. Do you know if there is a firmware that is pre-built for Rambo 1.4 dual endstops? I didn’t order the dual endstop wiring initially…and the firmware doesn’t end with a D or move both steppers. I have flashed a lot of things but never used platformio. or coul you point me to instructions? Is it possible to download the dual endstop firmware from V1…ready to go?

You auto linked your own p io instructions, and here are the firmware links.

The firmware released here includes a binary/hex file of the compiled firmware. A program called XLoader can be used to flash your board with this binary file. Instructions can be found here.