MPCNC my first cnc.

Hi guys and girls this will be mine build of small mpcnc.

Parts are almost printed in PLA fully honeycomb infill.

the size that I’m trying to achieve is 1235x1000 of working area.

hight of Z axis will be as low as possible but part of table will be removable for bigger material or accessories.

Im using 25mm conduit. For router I will use Makita 3709 because I have it.

in future I probably will use some spindle.

I will also build enclosure for mpcnc to keep it as clean as possible.

some pictures soon !

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That is actually a pretty large machine, depending on what you are doing you are getting into LowRiderCNC territory. Show some pics when you start to build. I love seeing them being born.

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I will try my best to document all steps.

Im starting to draw table and I’m thinking if this can work.

[attachment file=40511]

I don’t see why not, looks solid to me.

on top table I need 6cm working hight some suggestion how hight I should have feet?

Can i use m4 instead m3,5 Or i need to order it online.

There are calculators for feet height,


Best to stick with M3.5 but you can make M4 work.

small shopping today I bought almoust all hardware I need to stick to m4 its to complicated to get 3,5, all electronic its order so waiting for that to come, may by tomorrow I will buy material for table and start building this tank. Small pick for u guys:D.

[attachment file=40587]

Those are some of the largest screws I have seen on a long time, It really will be a tank.

Ryan they just look big Its 90mm

If you pile of parts is this organized, I am excited to see the build (but no pressure).

Last nesesary print rest will be just addons all parts printed on smartrapcore but i Think Thats last project for that machine becose im starting also building bigger printer with 300x300 by 500 z

[attachment file=40733]


Ryan im Hope that you are not mad for that modification ?

[attachment file=40778]

Now i need to work on my router mount

Not at all! That part might need to be thicker, mine is pretty flexy but I just haven’t had time to really give it a good look.

I will try and i will modify it so Its as much robus at it need to be. Then i will give you guys stl.

Its starts !!!

[attachment file=“40877”]

And the award for the burliest table goes to…

Dam that thing will be a family heirloom.

Just wait until i finish ?

I thought my barn had heavy timbers!! lol