MPCNC milling "pockets" when creating bridges

Hello all!

Doing my first cuts on a Burly.
So far I’m satisfied with the quality but there’s one thing I can’t get solved.

When creating “bridges”, the cnc creates some kind of pockets on one side of X and both sides of Y.
One X side looks fine.

Im using a Makita RT0702C Router. Parameters and pictures of the workpiece attached.
Im using a Arduino Mega 2560 with ramps 1.6 and Estlcam.
The Core feels rigid, no lose screws.
The belts are evenly tense and the machine is pretty balanced on a table.

Any ideas?

Appreciate your support.

Hmm, just got this message: An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.

The “good” side

Normally those are less pronounced, but always there. In your case something seems loose though, there is definitely some deflection.
The new version of Estlcam has a feature that reduces that problem, with other drawbacks though.

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Hi Philipp, thanks.
Just for my understanding - why are they always there though? Isn’t it just the Z Axis that needs to move up and down? Why is it moving in X/Y direction?

So you think it has something to do with the core? Like its kind of rotating the mill when moving up oder down?

There is always a bit of deflection. At those points it goes up and down and cuts at the same place for a long time, so the deflection does not matter any more, because it has time to remove all the material.
I guess your core might have a bit of play, one or two of the bearings are enough.

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Alright thanks. Fortunately I printed the Primo Core already, maybe this will add some rigidity to it

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You can see the same thing here for example: Horse fences and jumps
Look closely at the top of the fences, there you can see it in two places. It’s not that visible because I sanded it and the cuts are not as deep as yours.

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Are you using a finishing pass? It might be that the rest of the cut has deflection away from the workpiece and where it lifts for the tabs, it has more time and cuts more to dimension.

Is your bit perpendicular to the bed? If it is at an angle, it can carve into the wood when it lifts.

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Finishing pass…Hm. I played around with that, I may need to check that.

The bit is perpendicular to the bed, yes. Just checked it.

Okay, so I implemented a finishing pass and the parts look much better. Not perfect but much better.
I also noticed that the bit is a bit off indeed. Im at 89,24° towards the bed.

I’ve tried everything to get rid of the marks in the piece where the tabs are. I ended up turning off tabs and use tape or leave 1-2mm and use a knife to separate the pieces