MPCNC - Lost looking for RAMPS Firmware

I am totally lost on where to find the firmware and how to get it running. I can figure this out, but if someone could point me in the direction of the correct Github repository I would appreciate it. I somehow got looped around and never did find the latest and greatest. The basic version for a RAMPS board is what I am looking for.

I gather that this is the general documentation;

And I gather that this is the version for a part or the boards;

But what is the firmware that starts with V1CNC?

Again, I am lost.

Ryan stopped bringing the Ramps firmware up to date. I made a quick version for Ramps that was dual endstops (and dual drivers) but only the older Ramps exists. You can take the V1CNC_Rambo version and convert it back to ramps. It is probably as easy as setting the motherboard, and if you have 32nd microstepping, adjusting the steps/mm.

Well that is not good. OK, it is what it is. I just ordered the grbl_esp32. I will just use GRBL instead of Marlin. I am not in love with the Rambo hardware as it is to specific to Ultimaker. Eventually I am going to move to Mach3/4. I was just hoping to use the hardware that I had on hand. I like the SKR hardware, and I see folks have started to use it, but it still is not really a “supported” config. If I am going off script, I might as well go all the way.

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate it.

There are a few grbl_esp32 users and Bart’s firmware port is pretty solid, so hopefully you will be happy with your decision.

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