MPCNC C-23.5m - C-Rollers Not Smooth

Working on MPCNC C-23.5m - and when I put the c-rollers onto the 3/4 conduit they go on relatively easy but when you try to move by hand they are hard to move and feel a bit choppy. Not sure how else to describe it.

I am using the correct hardware - 5/16 bolts with 608 bearings.

These are the bearing I am using off of amazon -

Perhaps I have the bolts too tight. If I loosen it gets better and if that is the issue — what is the ideal resistance or how tight should the bolts be?


As loose as possible, only tighten them if you find a need. I believe it has this in a few places in the instructions.

Does the conduit your using come with the cuts pre-marked? If so you should see little lines and some letters on them. That makes the choppy sound when the bearings roll over them. Mine had that.