MP3DP vs Bambu Lab P1P or Prusa Mk4

Howdy folks.

I’ve built a LowRider 3 and really enjoyed the building process that allowed me to become extremely familiar with the parts and assembly process and the custom modifications possible. However, the other big factor was that I wanted a large form factor capability (4x8 foot) and this allows me to get there for way less than the $15-20k+ entry level industrial machines.

When I look at upgrading my 3d printing capabilities, I love the idea of the v1 Engineering MP3DP, but I’m not sure how it stands up to the quality and production speeds of the Bambu Lab P1P or Prusa Mk4. Is it even possible to upgrade the MP3DP to the same standard? Is there an option for an automated material system (AMS/MMU3) for automated filament colors/type changes?

When I look at the estimated costs to build each of the theee 3D printers above, they come out at a similar price point most of the time (Bambu Lab P1P is on sale right now), so I’m looking at which direction to go if anyone can fill in some of the blanks for me.



Shared why I built a MP3DP here…
MP3DP v4 - Aza's build am unable to edit that first post, so the content doesn’t reflect my current view entirely. Major reason was/is this community.

If people want something that just works, and have the budget, and limited time, then Bambu or Prusa would be what I would choose . I personally like that my first printer was an Ender 3 Max (with some mods), great value. Was reluctant to spend more, since I wasn’t sure how much joy/utility I’d get from diving into 3D printing.

Now, if people want to build a CoreXY printer, for the experience/joy, skills they will grow, bragging rights, etc… Then deciding between a Voron, RatRig or MP3DP and similar will come down to a mix of cost, appetite for adventure, and your bias. There are full kits for Voron/RatRig but these can get expensive pretty quick. Am not against “the others”, I hope to build more printers and other machines designed by various groups in the future.

If you want a project that helps provide an opportunity to use your LowRider3, forcing accurately calibrating and tuning, then, can optionally make side panels, bed support, base, electronics enclosure, lid, etc… With v5 we’ll get to mill plates for various motion parts (but can print if preferred).

Excluding gratituitous mods/materials, I haven’t checked how much BOM for my MP3DP came out to, I think it’s cheaper, or comparable with others?

When deciding if MP3DP was right for me, I was worried about the lack of docs compared to something like a Voron. Situation is much better since then, various build journey topics by makers here, clear BOM, gallery of builds, build docs have improved. There’s even full videos of the assembly process…

Ended up building something based on MP3DP, but has some parts/mods inspired, or copied, from other printers (e.g. Voron, Snake Oil, Pantheon style Lid).

60 sec Build Montage - Montage includes my mistakes and optional non essential mods.

Build series - Can filter out my mistakes/experiments. Can playback 0.5x to 200x and zoom through content at your speed.

Wrt MMU on MP3DP, I don’t know, but will have a go… Chameleon arrives today.

Good luck with your next build!


I agree with @azab2c if you want to just unbox and print go with the Bambu. If you enjoy the build and tinkering then go with the MP3DP/voron/rat rig. I will say the voron/rat rig are good chunk more than I spent on my V4. So it’s all up to what you want to spend. I will say I recently was printing asa at 125mm/s with my v4. So it’s an extremely capable printer. The V5 should be even better


I can also highly recommend the Prusa Mini if you don’t want to spend too much but want a first class printer that just works. I used it for three years and printed a Primo and LowRider with it. It also now supports input shaping.