Mp3dp v2

Anyone know how much a 3dp v2 would cost nowadays! Mostly for those who have one. i want a 2nd printer. I may just go get an ender from microcenter. 100 bucks. But i really want a v2

@Ryan i am not finding the cnc files. Are they still available?

Darn it they are at thingiverse!!! Sorry did not see them there!!

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The biggest cost for a v2 is the hotend/extruder, or, potentially the control board. (I use Duet control boards, so there’s my biggest cost right there. :rofl:) Then add in the power supply, a heated build platform, motors, a Z probe…

If you already have a 3D printer the printed parts are easy enough, but a makerspace could probably pump them out pretty easy, too.

A rough estimate buying from Amazon:

  • control board (Something like a MKS Gen L RAMPS compatible w/ DRV8825s) $75
  • Hotend (Like a MK8) $75
  • Heated build platform, 200x200 $35
  • PSU (LED style, 12 or 24V) $45
  • NEMA17 motors X4 $80
  • M8 rods, LM8UU bearings $50
  • BLTouch probe $40
  • plastic filament, 3/8" plywood, misc wiring and switches $???

If you have stuff around, maybe close to the $400 mark. I think that I could build one from my scrap pile. Well, I might not have a build platform, or the 8mm rods/LM8UU bearings.


Yeah i just came to close this. I am going to microcenter and getting a 99 buck ender. Just cant beat it

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Hope you enjoy the Ender! Personally, am happy I started out with an Ender 3 Max ~3yrs ago instead of shelling out for a Prusa. Was a patience testing first step to help me figure out if I wanted to get deeper into this space as a hobby, or something more.

I appreciate the time/headache saving value folks get from paying a premium for a Prusa, Bambu x1 or something similar with quality/smarts that ease the learning ramp. Personally, I couldn’t rationalize the premium. Helps that I typically have more patience/interest for these things than a rational person.

Appreciate the discussion and seeing people’s MP3DP build topics, since am also trying to figure out where Repeat V2 (MP3DP V4) fits on the spectrum between Ender and Voron/RatRig. Curious what the most comparable CoreXY printer would be? Am biased towards building Repeat V2 (MP3DP V4) in large part because of this community.

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I bought the Prusa Mini (first generation with the stupid probe, but it is still great), my third print after the Prusa sign and Benchy was the Core of the Primo. I am glad I started with a printer that just worked out of the box. :smiley:

This community is the whole reason that I built my v2.

My cousin bought her son an Ender 3, and it sat about 99% complete for a long time. When I was out visiting last year, I completed it and did some rough tuning, enough to get it started anyway. (Really, it was close, but just needed someone who know what it was supposed to do to dial in the last few things.)

The MP3DPv2 can be built pretty cheap, mostly for me, it’s a matter of “If I’m going to build it, then I want these things to be better.” I’ve got some super cheap NEMA17 motors (2 are earmarked for a ZenXY build.) I could use $0.30 microswitches instead of a BLTouch for an i3 clone printer pretty easy. There are extruders and hotends that can be purchased for dirt cheap. The build platform can be unheated for PLA. And yet, because of the markup on the parts, even waiting for a month for them to come from China, it would still be hard to beat that $99 Ender.

One of the discussions that I have had with people is the concept of “professional” vs amateur or hobbyist. one of the martial arts sensei that I listen to also does amateur photography, and has said that Professional is “good enough.” the pros don’t always go with the very best, top of the line equipment, because their goal is to earn money. They get what’s good enough for the job for the lowest total cost. A hobbyist might spend thousands of dollars on a Leica camera, and thousands more on all of the peripherals and lenses.

Now Ryan might actually spend more on his 3D printers in his print farm, even though the purpose of the print farm is to make parts to sell for money. The MP3DPv2 had a dual purpose though, and that was to showcase one thing that the MPCNC could do. The v3 and v4 are less that way, but still showcase his 3D printed part designs, which are at the core of the MPCNC/LowRider CNC machines. I’m sure that he could purchase 3D printers that are “good enough” to do the job for what it costs him to build his own. Maybe not with as good hardware though, and that maybe saves him a bit of cost/spool printed. I don’t know what his books look like.

I know that I could buy cheaper printers, but for me it is a hobby, not a profit centre. My v2 printer was entirely a project for the CNC, rather than a printer to build and use…

If you use an inexpensive hotend/extruder, it’s probably close to an Ender. both are bed flinger types similar to an I3. The Ender has a single Z motor, which makes homing simpler, but can introduce problems if the rollers come loose and the X axis isn’t level anymore.

The v2 is definitely less expensive to build than the v3 or v4.

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Thank you for your perspective @SupraGuy, appreciate it, have been closely following your Repeat V2 journey.

Ugh, I screwed up in my earlier post and meant to ask where Repeat V2 (MP3DP V4) fits in? Guessing answer is the same, depends what other components you’re using. There’s cheaper bundles out there. But consider building one if it’s better than what you have, you have time/resources, and because you like making projects like this.

Yeah. I have a longer that is nearly identical to an ender. I also have built 3 of them now. Bought on for my sister inlaws boyffriend, built one for my boss and one for a close friend. At 99 bucks it really is a no brainer. I set down and figured out the bom and the v2 would be fun, but not 99 dollars. Now i will have 2 printers. Double the fun. If i can find that ender pad on sale for 99 bucks again may by that too!

Well, I haven’t used a Voron or a Railcore, but what I see says my v4 should compete. It might still be a little behind, but depending on the parts you choose will not be far off.

Now, I know that with a Railcore you can get most if not all of the normally printed parts made from milled aluminum. The v4 does not have that option. It might be interesting to see what could be done that way though. That does mean that some ultimate ability is beyond its reach so far.

I figure that I spend about $1k CAD (~$750 USD) on my v4. Thats cheaper than a base Railcore kit by nearly half.

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Appreciate the info @SupraGuy. Happy with parts being printed in PETG? Would you use PETG, ASA or something else if you were starting over?

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I use mostly PETg. The stuff I get is foodsafe, so I can use it for stuff like the funnels I use to fill my water bottle from the ice maker, or separators for the vegetable crispers. Plus its dimensional stability and resistance to warping are good. I don’t see a problem with PETg parts for 3D printing tolerances. It shouldn’t need to overcome the loads that the CNC does.

As such, I’d use PETg again, given it’s what I have ready to hand.

My Repeat has excellent performance as is, and it’s all PETg printed parts.