MP3DP Ilya’s build

After building MPCNC and LowRider I decided to step up the game and replace my Ender 3 v2 with MP3DP! Just started build over the weekend. Will be 300x300mm. Waiting for bed / bed support material to arrive before I order more expensive parts


Looks like a great start! They are a lot of fun!

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Is there a mechanism to adjust z belts tension other than moving one of the belt holders?

So far as I know, the only way is to adjust the top belt holder. (The bottom one can’t move.)

fold the belt in a different location

It was fun to cut however I experimented with USB cable and that resulted is some lost / retried lines where bed support was cut in the right bottom corner. Btw that metal was like twice cheaper in Midwest Steel and Aluminum if anyone in the US looking where to buy sheet aluminum. Lead times were quite slow tho

I am thinking about making support lighter by making holes in it…

Also, that support doesn’t fit into my oven for powdercoating :slightly_frowning_face:

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Folks from the US, any recommendations what / where to by springs for supports and bed?

Ryan kindly threw some extra parts into my MP3DP order, including some springs/leveling-nuts that look a lot like

I can’t find these same items in the V1E shop. So am not sure exactly what Ryan gave me. In your situation, I’d probably order the most popular selling similar item on amzn.

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Maybe these?

Thanks for the hint, I figured I still have ender 3 springs and adjustment wheels. I will reuse these! Also, bed holes are quite close to the edge of the bed, I tried to account for these in my CAD adding some extra space but still to close to drill for M4 (those ender wheels meant to be used with M4s). What I decided to do is to actually tap these holes for M4 and screw bolts into these from the bottom

Yep, I forgot about those, and couldn’t find the yellow springs.

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Right… I didn’t use springs there, I have a piece of 12mm foam cut to the bed size with holes for the screws, so I can’t level the bed separately from the support… But with the independent Z motors which level the support until the bed is level to the print plane anyway, it isn’t needed…

That let me use regular M3 screws, no need for the leveling wheels with the M4 screws. (I have them, but didnt use them.)

Right, my thinking was that the second set of (yellow) springs could maybe help with heat expansion, and avoid the nozzle / bed getting damages as much if/when sensor fails, and/or I configured something wrong?

I don’t know what these bearing rails made of but it is unbelievably hard to cut!


Yeah, ended up using metal cutting blade on angle grinder to cut/trim my linear rails

Also tried sourcing right sized rails to help minimize cuts needed.


I’m probably wrong, but I was under the impression they were stainless.

I thought they were something like tool steel. Hardered steel? IDK, I’m not a metal expert.

I think you have to keep them oiled or they rust, so I don’t think they are SS.


I think description says it’s carbon steel

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How do I square x-gantry? Frame is squared and I just measured that it is x-gantry that is off. Changing belts tension helps but does not completely close the gap and also make belts tension disproportional

Removing belts entirelly make x-gantry loose and easily squared. I have a feeling it is belts related but don’t understand what I need to do. It’s not like I skipped a tooth somewhere right?

Already checked the assembled frame is square and plumb (so not racked/skewed) using a framing square, or something similar that’s large and square?

During assembly, discovered my build wasn’t as square as I thought, had to redo some work. Despite efforts to square, I still had different sized gaps on the left and right side. Ended doing some test Crown prints and using Klipper skew correction to get Square prints (in XY), even if I couldn’t get the frame physically ‘True square’ in XY.

Edit: Just noticed V1E MP3DP v4 doc has section on squaring.

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