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This Topic is mostly focused on amplifying impact of V1E related videos

Noticed (from inspecting HTML) you’re evaluating using Shopify App YouTube Video Gallery by Elfsight

It’s slow (they do tons of redundant api requests), and layout doesn’t meet some of the curated/sortable/filter requirements mentioned in .

But is better than existing page imo, and can be cancelled anytime if doing monthly plan?

Is there a way to measure the video page’s impact, does Shopify or the gallery shopify app share any visitor/usage stats that’ll help you determine whether it’s worth the cost?

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Video mentions in broader topic:

Compilation of video related suggestions/thoughts (Not complete, will need to dig thru main Topic for full context):

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It can.

The only other choice is a custom script that shows basically what was already there and a side bar that used to be there. javascript - How to embed a youtube playlist with a sidebar - Stack Overflow

Beyond that it is hand picking and I do not have time to keep that current.

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no, not really.

I am going to try to link more stand out videos in other places but that is a bit tricky. Ever seen “The MPCNC makes coffee” it can get outdated pretty fast.

@jeffeb3 @vicious1 Are there any existing scheduled tasks (cron jobs) that build the V1E website daily/weekly? Or do you have to manually kick off an update when docs/code is changed? Or, does the site auto update when changes are merged-to, or edited in the main branch?

Looks like V1E is a static site generated based on…/mkdocs.yml using mkdocs .

Reason I ask…

One option for having control over being able to have a fast loading page, and fulfill all the video requirements previously mentioned is to generate video index/metadata at website build time. Then have a page query and render the desired video User Experience. Hopefully someone familiar with mkdocs can chime in on whether executing scripts (e.g. python/javascript) during website build is possible/straight forward to implement, integrate and maintain?

Depending on how, and how often the static website content is generated, another option is to decouple generating the video index/metadata. For example, create a scheduled task (e.g cloud function) that periodically runs. The task executes YouTube APIs (using secret API Key for API access) to generate video index/metadata that some page will GETs when loaded by the User’s browser.

YouTube APIs require an API key (that gets throttled/billed…) that needs to be kept secret, only available to V1E Admin. Guessing an ancillary V1E repo containing these scripts and API key makes sense?

That only builds the Docs side of the site. It builds anytime we merge an update.

Currently the main site is wordpress, and the shop is shopify. Soon, like next couple of days I hope. The main site will all be on shopify and the Docs will stay the same. The goal is to get rid of the wordpress side and make it a slightly more cohesive experience.


Nothing special built into the new theme and that page looks especially lame. I can’t change the width.