movement from steppers

Was able to get movement from the Z axis and the X Axis but on the Y axis one motor turns and the other sounds like its stuck. It is humming but not moving

any Ideas what to check?

Wiring is most likely, try swapping cables to see if the issue moves with the cable. If it does then it’s the cable, if it doesn’t then it’ll be the board or motor.


i unwired the yellow and blue wires from the far stepper motor and tried it.

it works but I do not understand how with the blue and yellow wires not connected. How does it turn both forward and backward with it only connected to the green and red wires

If you can show us a picture it might help, but the steppers have two sets of coils. Try directly connect one and then the other to verify the steppers work independently, then you can figure out what is wrong with your wiring.