Motor strength

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the motors.

The setup is:

32 microsteps on drivers

X axis is connected in parallel and Y axis motor 1 is connected to Y driver and motor 2 to E1 driver. I changed the settings in Marlin to enable dual Y motor.

Voltage on drivers is 1.0 V for X, 0,75 V for Y, E1 and Z.

The question is, should I be able to stop the gantry moving with a relatively week force? Or am I making some mistake somehwere?

Also, is there any option to set Marlin to use 0 extruders so that I could also use the dual motor for X axis? Disabling all extruders in FW gives lots of errors during compile…

In parallel it didn’t take much for me to stop my gantry and I would lose steps during cuts. In series, it is much stronger from what I experienced. I haven’t missed any steps since. Even at high feed rates.

You could try putting an elastic band (a good sized one) on the ends where the motors are. Then see how far you can stretch them in different configs and voltages.

I guess I will rewire the whole thing and see what happens. Good idea with the elastic band.

P3DCNC’s printers get a good workout :stuck_out_tongue: