Mirrored toolpath or axis

I have read through the posts about a mirrored axis and they mention flipping the plugs around by 180° but in my head isn’t that going to make the buttons on the TFT move the wrong direction?

Here is my Fusion 360 set up. I think my issue is the Y is going the wrong direction, but when I hit flip, it makes the Z go down which is wrong too.

Can someone confirm for me that the Homepoint/zero point for a Lowrider is in the lower left if you are looking from the top down?

When I cut this “&” symbol, it comes out looking like this.

I am wondering if I have the Kinematics in the wrong order in Fusion. That process is a bit confusing for sure.

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I cannot speak specifically where the origin is on the Lowrider (since I don’t own one), but the coordinate system you’ve drawn on the Lowrider image is wrong. Fusion 360 uses the right-hand rule, so you need to flop either X axis or the Y axis on your Lowrider. See the right-hand rule section of this webpage.

Defining the axes in Fusion 360 Manfacturer Setup can take a bit of work. The easiest solution is to model your object in the same X,Y,Z orientation you want to use with your CNC. Then you can select “Model Orienttion” for the orientation in setup.

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In that LR2 picture, Y is not going the standard way. You can reverse Y.

In the first shot, of the mill, I would swap X and Y. That also leads to a RH coordinate system.

I don’t like to tell people they have to use this coordinate system. There are many that will work (half of them are right handed). But this is the assumption when we configured the firmware.


Thank you all. I wondered if I the origins flipped on the machine. I think I am going to start there and get that going in the standard direction and see if that fixes the mirroring problem in the same step.

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That seems to have fixed it. I did also move my Kinetics to this layout if it helps anyone else. I am not sure how that affects the tool paths, but the combination has it cutting as I would expect based on the simulation cut in Fusion 360. Thanks all.


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