Minor LowRider v3 update

9/17/22 - Minor update to YZ plate DXF’s, Easier assembly with access to brace screws now, Z endstop adjustment.
Also rounded a few corners.
Files changed -YZ plate DXF v1.dxf, YZ plate DXF v1 Mirrored.dxf


I was working on assembling mine the other day and did exactly that to access the screws on the brace…

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Can I just confirm these updated plates are the ones currently downloaded when you click the link at LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation

The DXF file at that link has the 2 red circled holes in the picture above in a different location (and smaller).

If not where do I find the updated DXF?


NO they are not the same. Thank you for pointing that out. I will delete the links shortly. The current files are on printables.

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