Minimum z-height

I decided on a 2.5" z-axis but is it too short? The legs were cut @ 2". When assembling the base/legs the 2" legs didn’t bottom out and the lock and flex foot are touching. Am I even supposed to bottom out the conduit leg in the flex foot or is it supposed to be held up when the flex foot is tightened? If the lock part is sitting on the flex foot because the leg is too short then what z-axis height would I end up with?

You would end up with 2 3/4"Pretty good height for flat goods. It will be good and rigid.

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The 2.5" z-axis calls for 10" z-rails but 2.75" calls for 10.25" z-rails. Should I cut new conduit lengths? I’m using slat board so I would rather not increase the bed height by putting down 0.25" of material for the offset.

It will depend on your spindle you will probably be fine, if not it won’t cost much in money or time to swap them out.