Minimum / maximum ambient temperature for vicious1 parts?

I’m enjoying my MPCNC, made with parts purchased from the shop, but it would be nice if I could put it in my garage. I’ve searched the forum but I can’t find an answer, if there is one - is there a min/max recommended temperature for the printed parts? My garage is not climate-controlled and I live in Nebraska, so in winter it’s cold (in the coldest month, average probably ~20F but it gets below 0F on some of the coldest nights) and dry, and in the summer it’s hot and humid (avg. 85F, as high as 110F at worst). Would the pieces hold up to either? I’d hate to move it out there and then find all of them cracked or something.

There is not an easy answer.

I print with PLA, The plastic can with stand hose temps. The cold is the one to worry about. High strain and cold brittle plastic…Never know. I’m sure someone can help you better than me. California doesn’t get very cold.

Hot isn’t really a big deal I doubt it would even start to get soft until way past 120. Direct summer sun, is not a good idea though.

The cold does seem to cause problems with PLA, all 4 feet broke on mine (~30F) and one corner cracked a bit. The rollers and center parts seem to be okay so far.

I reprinted the feet in PETG and so far no more problems, haven’t replaced the cracked corner yet.

I only have experience with a PLA Printed GPS mount for my car and it didn’t last long because of variation of temperatures (the size changed a lot with PLA in different temperature). With ABS it seems ok.